3D Drum Solo Joseph McPeek

Drum Solo Joseph McPeek www.truebones.com
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Drum Solo

17 Responses to “3D Drum Solo Joseph McPeek”

  1. truebones says:

    Thanks, I just uploaded another with much stronger snare work, Thanks for the comment.

  2. 80sfan says:

    Awesome stuff man. Your snare drum sounds incredible on here and you do some seriously cool rolls. Looked as fun to make as it is to watch!

  3. Andydrums91 says:

    An awesome supergroup that is!!

  4. ludrums69 says:

    its one of the bests drummers

  5. p0esbek says:

    why is everyone from mr. big so good looking. Like they were all models or something. Except sheehan, he looks funny if you compare him to Martin or Torpey.

  6. EskilNaige says:

    Pretty corny to have a Mr Big t-shirt when playing live, especially for the filming of a live DVD. That said, Pat is a freaking amazing drummer. Power, technique and groove all packed into one!

  7. rhtyhmsearch says:

    Working the drums over! Fantastic!

  8. 9999pat9999 says:

    best in the Universe!!!!

  9. Iammexichilango says:

    chequen namas sus baquetas

  10. Guireles2007 says:

    Let Him be…

  11. Totem2583 says:

    He´s the best!

  12. LucaCava94 says:

    no that’s me

  13. johnnyrabbtv says:

    Very nice and fluid Pat! 4:12. Great footwork.

  14. johnnyrabbtv says:

    Very nice and fluid Pat!

  15. richie649 says:

    he is a bad ass drummer and a nice guy too boot!

  16. 14paulgilbert says:

    Great Drummer Great Vocals I admired MrBig since the first time i heard them 🙂 thanks for posting

  17. bruceisjack says:

    he co-wrote some songs too on the album