Animal Playing Drums With Rita Moreno – Fever

Animal distracting Rita Moreno from singing “Fever”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Animal Playing Drums With Rita Moreno – Fever”

  1. hackie77 says:

    at 2:05 ” THAT MA KIND O WOMAM ” !

  2. RacerEckss says:

    Jazz Animal…I like it.

  3. CelesteK says:

    That’s okay. I got the translation thanks.

  4. Saturpepe says:

    Listen to me, buddy. I only want to say you you don’t must to do that. It’s not nice. Do you understand me? Look at me when I talk to you. This is my play and if you disturb me more y will give you a hit than let you dumb.

    Well, more or less. My english is not good 🙂

  5. CelesteK says:

    What does she say to Animal?

  6. mamarine81 says:

    Best Muppet Show episode ever. A hot and funny guest star (she won an emmy for this episode), the hilarious running gag (Fozzie and the phone) and a great Swedish Chef sketch. Awesome.

  7. mamarine81 says:


  8. 66bgrs says:

    i would love to bone rita moreno!!

  9. HibernusMortis1 says:

    Look at Animals hands at 1:34, it looks like he’s giving her the finger to behind her back. LOL

  10. HibernusMortis1 says:

    Oh but she almost does near the end there! LOL

  11. 66bgrs says:

    animal knows what he likes !

  12. marco antonio silva ribeiro says:

    sou fã e comecei a tocar bateria por causa dele sei que não chego perto do Mestre ANIMAL mas sem duvida é o melhor do mundo

  13. James Cameron says:

    LOL 1:01 hihat clicking animal staring…

  14. LEA61577 says:


  15. 66bgrs says:

    this is hilarious and rita is so hot she can bang my drum stick anyday

  16. MUSEof1996 says:

    1:58 What a b#tch!

  17. kaperval says:

    une des meilleurs sketch des muppet !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nellie K. Adaba says:

    My fav