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Manà – angel de amor – drum cover by Andrea Mattia

great song of the mexican band Manà, with Alex Gonzales on drums…in this song i put my roland td 12 kit……comment and rate…
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For more infomation on the Roland TD-30 please visit. www.andertons.co.uk Here is the first Video of the new Roland TD-30. The TD-30KV is the new flagship electronic drum kit from the Roland V-Drums range. This top-of-the-line kit is the most advanced Roland TD drum kit to date and is fit for professional stages and studios. A true workhorse for gigging drummers. www.facebook.com www.facebook.com



Video Blog from The Foundation discussing the legacy of Clyde Stubblefield – the most sampled man in history.
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Covering Tom Sawyer off of Rush’s album Moving Pictures. Hope you enjoy. Also, I keep getting comments about the cymbals moving spontaneously. It’s because this is cut together from a couple of different takes, I’m not trying to hide this fact…

Avenged Sevenfold – Save Me – Drum Cover

Please read below! Ok, that’s a really dirty cover, I’ve done that really quick and really sad, hope I’ll post another one..better..BUT I really Hope you guys enjoy that..And I’ll really appreciate if you can share this vid to some friend, it’s really important for me. Copyright of the property owners Tonight…we aaall…dieee
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This FC is nothing extremely special. It is just something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It’s a great SOAD song and really fun on drums. For whatever reason this is first pro FC on XBOX.. according to the leaderboards at least.. another reason why I thought this would be worth uploading. The video was made by FCing the song first and then doing the splitscreen/cover.. so.. 2 runs put together. All of my drum cover FC’s will be recorded this way because of the way RB chart songs on drums. Thanks for watchiiiiiiiingnngng and enjoy (:

Double Stroke Roll Triplets – Drum Lessons

FREE Series: The Drum Rudiment Master Class – bit.ly . In this free drum lesson, Jared talks about applying the double stroke roll within 16th note triplets, and 32nd notes. If you would like to download the sheet music you must sign up for the Secret Lessons at FreeDrumLessons.com

Marvin McQuitty drums:King of Glory

Marvin McQuittty playing for Sam Barreto at Maranatha Church Chicago IL