Avenged Sevenfold – Save Me – Drum Cover

Please read below! Ok, that’s a really dirty cover, I’ve done that really quick and really sad, hope I’ll post another one..better..BUT I really Hope you guys enjoy that..And I’ll really appreciate if you can share this vid to some friend, it’s really important for me. Copyright of the property owners Tonight…we aaall…dieee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This FC is nothing extremely special. It is just something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It’s a great SOAD song and really fun on drums. For whatever reason this is first pro FC on XBOX.. according to the leaderboards at least.. another reason why I thought this would be worth uploading. The video was made by FCing the song first and then doing the splitscreen/cover.. so.. 2 runs put together. All of my drum cover FC’s will be recorded this way because of the way RB chart songs on drums. Thanks for watchiiiiiiiingnngng and enjoy (:

33 Responses to “Avenged Sevenfold – Save Me – Drum Cover”

  1. Skittledrum says:

    Nice cover, I have a cover on my channel of this song as well.
    It seems you have played drums longer than I have, I’ve played for 3 years. How long have you played? Keep it up

  2. joshclay46 says:

    7:33 cheeky little lob

  3. redhotdrums27 says:

    It sounds the beater is hitting pudding everytime..

  4. Addrum1 says:

    haha if thats a bad cover I wanna see a good one
    haha good shit

  5. coalasoad says:

    you need eat more dude

  6. Jamesdawes987 says:

    Best cover on here, righteous man!

  7. druumiin says:

    man i wana see a cover with 100% the rev with this song only because his fills are so epic in this song and all these drummers on u tube look like there scared to do most of the fills not talking shit u r an excellent drummer but u no..

  8. Thehalo9108 says:

    I like it :D.

  9. kairu71 says:

    playing this must be more tiring than running a marathon.

  10. bananakin94 says:

    kick is annoying and the dude needs a better bell for his ride. not saying anything about his skills. He’s talented, but his kit needs work.

  11. Michaelangelo Chiang says:

    i think ur the best awwww =)

  12. SorcererOfAura says:

    Sick cover!!! too bad the bass is kinda messed up, but hey, u already said its a dirty cover xD keep it coming 😉

  13. Ollie Josty says:

    Genuine love for this song AND this cover, so sick :’)

  14. baniindrasetya says:

    everything is good, but there are some that are less precise and missed his knock. almost everything is perfect, only a few parts that need to be refined

  15. Theolppoman says:

    nice work!

  16. lazykick666 says:

    I used to play drums like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee.

  17. MyFloppyDiskus says:

    I’ll trade you my first born child for drum lessons.

  18. AgroSkittle says:

    @hellsuckz It’s a different run to the recording. He’s covering the song on the run we’re seeing. So that’s how.

  19. amilcarnazo says:

    dude, where did you get your drums set please ? i want one too

  20. Chuck Norris says:

    I have those sticks

  21. staubfc says:

    do you ever read video descriptionS?

  22. MrSeweryn747 says:

    Bear Grill

  23. Chuck Williams says:

    very impressive

  24. hellsuckz says:

    how are you hitting the yellow an blue cymbols on the same pad?

  25. Akymma says:

    Who else misses Sistem of a Down? 🙁 (By the way, great job man 🙂 )

  26. Afonso Freitas says:

    He’s a zookeeper

  27. Anthony Benevides says:

    lol..flamed. “This is a real drm set” very funny. Rolands FTW

  28. Merdan Sabotic says:

    which sticks?

  29. MADdrummer971 says:

    The front bass drum head says penis lol.

  30. MADdrummer971 says:

    That’s the TD 9 model from roland.

  31. vanillainfusion says:

    what drum set do you use?