Calvin Rodgers DFJ Drum Clinic

Calvin Rodgers Worship/Drum Clinic – September 7th, 2009 in Dallas TX. Calvin talks about being a drummer for Jesus and what that involves. Calvin also displays why he is THE man in gospel drumming. Part One.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Calvin Rodgers DFJ Drum Clinic”

  1. Ike Umeokoli says:

    Calvin man u r an ambassador for Jesus…..I thanks God 4 ur Life bro

  2. Abraham Borden says:

    wat the song is he playing

  3. Calvin Martin says:

    Phat Pocket. NASTY!!!!!! @6:28

  4. karimgroove says:

    Man, after meeting you here in Jakarta I told you I was gonna google you and I KNEW I wouldn’t be disappointed. Damn!!! UNBELIEVABLE GROOVE & CHOPS!!!! Hope to hook up again before you leave town my friend. Bless!

  5. Shaquille Noel says:

    LIL MIKE spazzin in front d cam

  6. chasefarris93 says:

    Calvin you da man bro!!

  7. Seniio says:

    Lol I got the song a couple of min. ago. Thanks anyway!!

  8. bensoncarlos says:

    It’s called “One World” by guitar artist Mike Stern from the project “Voices”. very cool stuff, the whole project is great…

  9. Seniio says:

    What’s the name of the song as this video is ending? I heard it in the varo clinic too

  10. evolvingSEO says:

    200’th like. YAH!

  11. DemonslayerOne says:

    UN-BELIEVABLE…. Calvin Rogers and Ladell Abrams are probably the best drummers in Gospel music hands down. The level of quickness with the hands and feet is not something every drummer can possess, but those two guys have INSANE speed. When you are able to double up on the foot pedal WITHOUT the use of a second pedal, you are on a whole nother level….

  12. Luther Robinson says:

    SPEECHLESS! Has to be one of the most sought after drummers.

  13. kiddsuppa says:

    for anyone but him to use

  14. joshua51814 says: