Choosing Drums For Your Church by Gerald Heyward

With a strong foundation in Gospel Drumming, Gerald has been called upon by many for advice on buying “the right” drum kit for a church. In this video, he shows you 3 levels of DW kits and their particular features. The kits are a PDP X7 (about 00), DW Performance (about 00), and DW Collector’s kit (about 00). For all things DW, visit: To really stay connected with all our latest happenings, “Like” our Facebook Fan Page http and follow our Tweets
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Choosing Drums For Your Church by Gerald Heyward”

  1. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    Thanks for choosing the X7 series! We suggest a higher end tuning on your resonant head on your snare. Also try a revers dot head also. Feel free to check out our tuning video with John Good on the link below.


  2. Andy Zagar says:

    I have the pdp x7 but can’t get the snare to sound this good 🙁 how is it tuned? Batter head lower than resonant? And are they stock heads and wires? I LOVE my kit by the way…I just know I can make it better

  3. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    Interesting. We are happy your kit out working out for you. We suggest single ply heads but we also encourage experimenting with heads to achieve the sound you would like. Hope this helps!

  4. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    Well said! Just have fun with learning more about drums!

  5. Mark Brown says:

    To Drum Workshop I’ve also had my bearing images re done by a professional on my x7 PDP drum kit the sound is unbelievable only drum that wasn’t done was the bass drum I didn’t mess with it right now I’m using Terry Bozzio attack drum heads coated any suggestions on what heads how to use.

  6. Mark Brown says:

    To quezo 7129 it’s okay let them laugh and make fun I’ve been made fun of from drummers in my area as well just keep doing your own thing and stay positive and don’t let the haters get you down.

  7. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    We don’t want your friends laughing out you! :) You got a great deal on your Satin Oil drums! Thanks so much of your support of PDP and DW! That Twisted Rainbow is a fine choice. Enjoy!!

  8. Quezo7129 says:

    I always watch DW videos. My friends all laugh at me and say why do you play those drums? And they all get kits that try to immulate DW but can not. I bought my 1st DW kit for 250.00 while in college.(BLACK SATIN OIL) A guy didn’t know what he had, and I have been hooked for 16 years! I also purchased the brown pdp for my church as a gift and I am playing Collector’s Series Twisted Grain Exotic – Natural Lacquer over Rainbow with Chrome Hardware. #LOVE MY KIT!!! It’s nothing like it!

  9. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    We can’t wait either! Thanks so much for choosing the Performance Series!

  10. MLjostein says:

    Can`wait to get my DW Performance limeted edition kit 😀 Thanks for beeing what you are !!

  11. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    We love your feedback! We like hearing about the drum-heads you chose also. You post proves handy for others who are playing the X7’s and need help with head choicing. Thanks so much for choosing DW and PDP!!

  12. DrumWorkshopInc says:

    Awesome! That finish was a great choice! Thanks so much for playing PDP! Enjoy!

  13. danlc95 says:

    Those X7 kits are sleepers. I installed some Remo Emperors on the toms, and they sounded incredible! not as refined as my collectors kit, but totally functional sound, and performance to cover any job I might encounter. I also picked up a PDP MX used.. same thing. Excellent quality! I got that MX for $200.00.

  14. Mark Brown says:

    OopsOops sorry about that a lot of misspellings in the first reply I have the x7 PDP drum kit With a lime green sparkle lacquer finish It has 3 toms 8 10 and 12 14 and 16 inch floor toms with legs With a 5 by 14 matching snare drum An 18 by 20 to kick Whats powerstroke 3 Drum head