Chris Coleman at NAMM 2011 part 2

This is the 2nd part of Christopher Coleman’s drum solo demonstration. Time signature he is in is 3/4.

18 Responses to “Chris Coleman at NAMM 2011 part 2”

  1. alexakaseme1 says:

    how can people say “‘Tony Royster” is better ,Chris has studied the instrument alot more than “Tony Royster” and “tony” is just cocky ass hole who just plays the single stroke roll really fast around the kit

  2. krysnamurty says:

    What the hi hat foot technique is that @ 02:06 ?

  3. tx2jbh81 says:

    I got to spend some time with Chris at the Atlanta Institute of Music. Chris mopped the floor with me and the other guys in the drum program. He is the most humble guy I’ve ever met.

  4. Antonio williams says:

    Chris coleman is your favorite drummer favorite drummer

  5. MattKHall says:

    “Joey Jordson is better than him.” said my friend before I punched his heart through the back of his body.

  6. MattKHall says:

    “Joey Jordson is better than him” is what my friend said before I punched his heart through the back of his body.

  7. jamesconga says:

    im suprised that kit didnt catch on fire

  8. OfficialKaelenCanady says:

    tony royster is better . 😛 …………… lol no but the groove 4:20 is SILLY AS HELL ! nice shit

  9. ArtisanTony says:

    Where is Chris from?

  10. ArtisanTony says:

    You forget to add me at the beginning 🙂

  11. insanedrummer89 says:


  12. insanedrummer89 says:

    you have, Beginner, Indeterminate, Advanced, Jo jo Advanced, Chris Coleman.

  13. chimmych0la says:

    2:41 to 2:52 dat drum roll! wow :0

  14. WIGANDRUMMER2010 says:

    Any chance of slowing it down by about a zillion please as I lost it after about 3seconds m8 and couldnt even try to keep up lol

  15. XxStrongDrums1996xX says:

    @ediot6969 I disagree with you there

  16. adrummer181 says:

    What are you talking about? Drummers are the keepers of drum grooves. Not some entity in the stratosphere.

  17. 06livefast says:

    not at all, religious people justify war with religion.