Cliff Burton – Orion (BASS+DRUMS TRACK)

Cliff Burton - Orion (BASS+DRUMS TRACK)

RIP Cliff Burton
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Pull Me Under Dream Theater. This is my drum cover of Pull Me Under by Dream Theater. Enjoy, and if you’d like to see more female drum covers, please subscribe to my channel: Thanks for watching and for being awesome! Mari ——————————- SUPER COOL LINKS ——————————- – Get my album on iTunes here – Get my album on Amazon here: ——————————– SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ——————————– – Subscribe to our newsletter here: – Connect with us on FACEBOOK here – Follow us on TWITTER here: – Follw ME on TWITTER here: – Hang out with us on MySpace here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Cliff Burton – Orion (BASS+DRUMS TRACK)”

  1. eanur11 says:

    Hi bro, I completely agree with you without Cliff the songs are different and he had a strong background and good taste for the music. This is only my point, I am sorry guys but try to compare any one song with Burton and enter sandman for esemple, I am laughing sorry. Cliff is simply a legend

  2. PantheonLT says:

    These 8:27 minutes are the best in my life -.- Just love it… But first I see 12 monsters to kill…

  3. Jake Coates says:

    Can we get a download link so I can blast this in my truck?

  4. YoLpIsBest says:

    Cliff would’ve been the biggest fan of Load albums.

  5. Beholder505 says:

    They would have went in a similar direction. Cliff was even more open minded musically than the other guys, especially James were at the time. He stated in an interview that one of his favorite band around the time of Master of Puppets was R.E.M of all bands. He was also into Skynard, BoC, and a bunch of other shit.

  6. OlavHovstad says:

    Peak? I’m pretty sure Metallica used picks before Master of Puppets…

  7. SpeedSpirit95 says:

    R.I.P Cliff 🙁

  8. Travis Case says:

    …Justice was a decline?

  9. Y2JGFX says:

    6:00 is freaking blast!!!

  10. meursalt says:

    Nice try, but I think Lemmy’s too smart to take you up on your offer.

  11. ruinawish says:

    Yeah, all those times I used to listen to “Orion”, and I never even sensed some of those fills. I can only guess that the producer was going by what was the trend at the time.

  12. meursalt says:

    This is like hearing the song for the first time. I never understood why the producer (was it Rasmussen on these albums?) mixed the bass down so low on this entire album. The band had the premier metal bassist in the world, and yet you’re lucky if you can hear anything other than midrange attack whenever the guitars are playing.

  13. Enrico Cantile says:

    Marry me. Now!

  14. thegodthathatesall says:

    The reason she doesn’t get the same impact that portnoy has is because she’s not portnoy. And the drums sound plenty good enough. covers aren’t supposed to be perfect. i’d like to see you do better

  15. Thomas Horgan says:

    I’m just getting into Dream Theater and you did a great job showing the beats. Have fun with your band Bloom.

    and having a bit of fun. Have

  16. jumblecarrots says:

    I like your speed and timing. very good job 🙂

    I noticed that you are slanting your stick when you hitting the snare and or Hi-Hat, By getting into the grove your also getting into a bad habit of left& right bobbing your stick. not only do you loss power its also a common bad habit as this will also slow you down. (I know it looks cool on video BUT!!! As long as you do not do it in all cases). Take a good look around frame 6:11.& 7:14 till 7:22 Your sticks are not coming down straight.

  17. Acid4Blood says:

    Please ignore all these ignorant monkeys and their comments,i love your covers i see that you really enjoy playing drums keep the good work!!!! greetings from down under

  18. Jeffrey Lance says:

    Yes because we all want his sound ….. When id do a cover im going to try and follow every guitarists tone like a loser … WHATEVER

  19. o311Death says:

    because ill bet you cant play drums for shit

  20. o311Death says:

    well why dont you pull out your drum set and show her how its done…………

  21. metabog says:

    Ironic comment about the snare considering that the snare on Images and Words is a one-sample triggered drum.

  22. RedCoatPrds says:

    The cover isn’t very good, but she compensate’s it by looking good 🙂

  23. Bladez4Hire says:

    No. the video is titled ”female drummer” like if that means something. Of course people are gonna comment sexist stuff when the title of the video provokes it.

  24. WpA09 says:

    give her a break guys. I think she did pretty good