Video Blog from The Foundation discussing the legacy of Clyde Stubblefield – the most sampled man in history.
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Covering Tom Sawyer off of Rush’s album Moving Pictures. Hope you enjoy. Also, I keep getting comments about the cymbals moving spontaneously. It’s because this is cut together from a couple of different takes, I’m not trying to hide this fact…


  1. AnathothBlackMetal says:

    what a seducing black man voice hahaha wickid ..

  2. Jlaue22 says:

    I have tried to explain to people about Clyde for years and I could of shown this all along. Thank you for creating this.

  3. nadir6661 says:

    Clyde sould be richer than bill f..n gates!dmn!

  4. futbolfan204 says:

    He did not ever receive any royalties for any of his beats, you can’t copyright a beat. There was actually an article in the New York Times about this a while ago.

  5. James Wells says:

    Clyde ain’t seen a dime. James Brown’s estate gets every penny. According to Clyde in another documentary, his contract basically said he got paid for each session/performance and that’s it. No royalties, creative control, nothing. He says he doesn’t really care about the money, he just wants the acknowledgement.

  6. rationalemusic says:

    I wanna play drums like this

    Hip Hop live 4ever !!

  7. gregoryburrows says:

    Great props, this man can never get enough credit and as a drummer myself, I’ve rarely gotten compensated for coming up with parts/grooves that should be considered part of the arrangement or even the composition! I’m no legend like Clyde but, anyway, deep respect to Clyde and THANKS for ‘givin’ the drumer some’!!! -GREG B

  8. DrShitandStank says:

    drum machines are for no talented losers. no drum machine can ever replace clyde..

  9. Emir Taner says:

    1 dislike james brown spirit

  10. HowieP says:

    Got Mr. Stubblefield as a friend on Facebook.  He is a standup drummer.

  11. mikeleza says:

    right on!

  12. DitisDope says:

    RESPECT!!! for this SOULFULL DRUMMER!!!!

    He better be respected!!!

  13. djchriscraze says:

    good video!

  14. didier d'agostino says:

    Il est pour moi un “père spirituel du funky drumming” depuis l’âge de 13 ans je joue sur son inspiration ,et c’est en dansant que je me suis senti porté par cette transe du funk ! avec JAMES BROWN ! ! ! Avec Jabo Stark, Bernard Purdie, et plus tard Billy Cobham, Mike Clark,David Garibaldi,(Je donne des cours de batterie en France ,dpt.91″ spécial “funk” au 06 98 51 06 45) voir vidéos Didier D’agostino vidéos youtube chaine “roomboom” “groove” et une quarantaine d’autres !

  15. deadboy600 says:

    that aint the studio version

  16. william parker says:

    clyde you are the man. im truly sorry that james didnt pay you your monetary due! but you are history because many people made music off your raw soul drummin! man i will never ever forget you. my kids and grandkids know the funky drummer!

  17. ourDC888 says:

    Very interesting, thank you!

  18. izzyvulaca says:

    unfortunately not enough =( lets just say he’s not living lavishly

  19. Statarb1 says:

    Well, it seems you are right: “All my life I’ve been wondering about my money,” he said. “People use my drum patterns on a lot of these songs. They never gave me credit, never paid me. It didn’t bug me or disturb me, but I think it’s disrespectful not to pay people for what they use.” From

  20. SDoGG420 says:

    he didn’t nor will get a dime, he’s didn’t even get a thank you on almost all the records either… it’s a shame

  21. daillmeskin says:

    6:00 to 6:50=EPIC!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  22. pjds1989 says:

    i would like to see a chopped and screwed version of this

  23. Kindelan says:

    This is great analysis. It is nice to see that there are people out there who love and appreciate this music as much as I do!

  24. FillterFour says:

    As far as getting props, it’s good to see this influential man get some these last few years. He’s an icon to music as Bill Russell is to basketball.

  25. FillterFour says:

    This guy was the master of those funky shuffle beats and every drum & bass or breakbeat fan understands that.

  26. bgowin100 says:

    Read the description dumbass.

  27. justcallmesqueezer says:

    Nice catch

  28. mrilikeburgers says:

    Great drum cover but theres one problem. Go to 3:55 and watch the far right Zildjian symbol. 

  29. Hayden ORoarke says:

    What heads are on your snare?

  30. TheMexChipmunk says:

    I absolutely love the way the hi-hats in this song.

  31. davevjordon says:

    awesome job bro! Seriously! NEVER stop playing!

  32. DrBigMac1129 says:


  33. MRHONSHIMA says:

    and in the membrane.

  34. Poo Licker says:

    in the brain

  35. MRHONSHIMA says:


  36. under10bucks says:

    Neil Pert would be proud. All I have to say. 🙂

  37. Sandler41882 says:

    You are insane.

  38. Taylor Craig says:

    I have the coolest husband on the planet ^
    That’s right ladies, he’s taken 🙂

  39. LedZepMan97 says:

    Incredible Cover Man!!!

  40. slashman53 says:

    is it me or do the drumsticks seem slimmer than normal?

  41. max parlow says:

    i can half of this song, the rest i can air drum lol

  42. Rawk4Life says:

    Thumbs up if you came to this video to see if the guy was going to perform the middle drum fill with great execution.

  43. TheJoeyG88 says:

    HOLY SH*T.. I have only about 10% of this song down.. u just motivated me, and simultaneously disheartened me at the same time.. that was OFF THE CHAIN.. UNREAL!!

  44. eduardo0796 says:

    Best cover by far.