Dave Turncrantz (drummer for Russian Circles) – HD –

I focused most of this clip on Dave to help really capture how incredibly skilled he is at his craft. * more on my Vimeo page: vimeo.com * This video was taken during the Russian Circles performance @ Spaceland in Los Angeles, CA on October 23, 2010 amazing

Todd Sucheran- koncert??? studio???
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 Responses to “Dave Turncrantz (drummer for Russian Circles) – HD –”

  1. Jarett Ehas says:

    So this week, at 28 years old, I bought my first kit thanks to Dave Turncrantz. Thank you. You inspire me.

  2. SteveAlysis says:

    You have awesome taste in music and you’re beautiful! And local! Im in love!

  3. nlechner says:

    I am impressed with this whole band, being a all around musician it shows there are still good
    bands out there

  4. CivSkates says:

    He uses 3 rides. No crashes, but his rides are really dark and very crashable.

  5. idlehands1111111111 says:

    is that like a 24″ inch ride that hes crashin on? YAYO

  6. therealmealdeal says:

    love that at the end the bassist and guitarist are both headbanging to opposite marks. -bassist on the bass kick, guitarist on the snare.

  7. Павел Лазарев says:

    Dave is sitting on a pearl d2000?

  8. JohnTheRipper2 says:

    true, not very technical, but the tightness of his playing combined with the originality of his fills and polyrhythms (don’t know if he actually uses any, but it seems that way to me) make him stand out from the crowd. I listen to a really wide variety of rock music, and dave is certainly one of the originals out there

  9. morroida9966 says:

    i dont think so, he said it himself, hes not a very good technical drummer, he just plays his style, very dnamic, a good drummer, seeing russian circles live was very inspiring.

  10. CerpinTaxtMusic says:

    Dave is a very good technical drummer.

  11. amjan says:

    Nothing special from a drummer’s point of view. Usual rock drumming.

  12. melvatron802 says:

    The thing that separates this from other technical metal outfits is class. Despite their clear and apparent skill, these dudes play with class. Everything this drummer does is tasteful and adds to the song.

  13. TOOLbottomfeeder7001 says:

    Dave is just himself and that’s what’s so great about him. Everyone in the band is just phenomenal at what they do.

  14. TheBlackSunRises says:


  15. MrAvengedDrummer says:

    Going to his clinic tomorrow!

  16. SemiQuaver100 says:

    You are probably the single most mature person on youtube, it is an honour

  17. HellMetalRoy says:

    2:46 ——–> (tatatata) Sucher-man (tatatata) Sucher-Man (tatatata) Sucher-man!!

  18. Vitor Vieira says:

    Great Performance, i like this guy…

  19. gothickid13 says:

    I love his kit.

  20. Thomlistentoslayer says:

    whos joey jordiNson?

  21. cbh440 says:

    Never could understand the concept of medleys…

  22. WRXtra says:

    Defiantly needs more cowbell

  23. TheWarwick5 says:

    single stroke. yeah…

  24. CasAyOhIcidhe says:

    All four dislikes are from the optical image stabilizer on the camera.

  25. mtndewman1022 says:

    was the roll at 7:30 a single stroke or double stroke?

  26. SmackDownBrown49 says:

    If I were this good I’d never be this good because I’d be too busy patting myself on the back for each awesome lick I just pulled off and would no doubt lose track of everything after that. Don’t ya love paradox man! I’d be so good I’d suck out loud!

  27. Michael James says:

    holy crap drum God right on earth

  28. styxman says:

    This is an awesome video.
    As a die-hard fan, I love hearing the songs they rarely play live.
    Styx NEEDS to do a show just on the lesser known songs and record it LIVE!

  29. DRMessinger says:

    This is one of the most inspirational drum clips I’ve ever seen. The camera angle is perfect for any drummer to see what goes into a masterpiece. Todd signed me a copy of his Instructional DVD while in town in Toledo Ohio in 2011 and I’m forever grateful and motivated. Thanks Todd!! This video is a thing of beauty!!!!

  30. 1969DayTripper says:

    thanks for uploading is this from the styx and cyo conceert?

  31. Ruben Salvador says:

    Songo-like, I know. I only wanted to sound amazed. Thanks bro.

  32. Bernard Kane says:

    12 + minutes straight-does this man even sweat!!-going from traditional to match grip with ease wow!! and of course Todd’s cymbal work is really underrated,just beautiful-thanks Todd

  33. The007Drummer says:

    Great Great Ending !!

  34. Max Perna says:

    After Midnight Ride is Sing For The Day

  35. Mark Wituschek says:

    Simply perfection by far the best in the world .perfection what else can you say nobody else has those chops traditional style sticking unbelievable really funny when they compare him to Joey J or portney or even peart! tods in a whole different ball park !!!

  36. Moog167 says:

    No mess ups there he just did a latin based lick/groove