Drum Cover – Pushit by Tool

I’ve always loved playing this song, especially the really grooving ride parts. The drumming is an exercise in how many variations of the same basic beat can be played in one song. All the tom-snare interplay is great and, as always, Danny saves the biggest bangs for the end. I love how he can groove so smooth without funking it up with extra bass notes and snare ghost notes. He is such a calculated and thinking drummer. It is critical that every drummer develop their own unique style and interpretation. Therefore, I do not memorize any song exactly. I have spent 30 years playing drums and have developed my own style, which I prefer. I keep my playing within the framework of the song and will play a part exact if that part is either iconic (like Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”) or critical to the success of the song. Thank you for watching and lots of success drumming!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

NEW: Get my free drumming tips and tricks – Cobus.com _____ Laus Deo Semper http www.facebook.com As with the previous praise+worship songs I released, my intentions are VERY much the same. Recording praise music to entertain doesnt make sense in my mind, so my intention was to honestly and sincerely WORSHIP.. coincidentally just with some cameras present 🙂 I want to state though, I don’t want my faith or me living it out to build walls around ANYTHING or to exclude ANYBODY. I’ll never shove it down anybody’s throat or disrepesct beliefs different than my own, and I also expect the same from those watching this video. Hillsong United – Salvation Is Here from the 2005 release “Look To You” is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Andrew Hill says:

    Your general demeanor (and improper grammar usage) in your response to this youtube video illustrates your intelligence level, and serves as an example to the youtube community as a whole. Your comment is an example of vocalized human ignorance which detracts from the youtube experience.

  2. Andrew Hill says:

    As a fan of Danny Carey’s work (Tool, Volto, and Pygmy), I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude to you for taking time to post your percussion videos. I refer back to your videos on a near daily basis while working my way through pushit, the patient, third eye, and rosetta stoned…..I know you’ve posted others, but I can only spread my cognitive abilities so thin 🙂 Thank you!

  3. anudeeptoora says:

    i dont hav words !….. amazing m/ 

  4. Kaos Kongo says:

    Great, great GREAT drum cover 😀 Love this.

  5. Sodasmithe says:

    Your drum cover made my penis soft 🙁

  6. DiamondDJandSound says:

    There are two things I’d like to say about this cover, and this man. One is that I cannot applaud him more for having his own style incorporated in to his cover – that is how I feel all should be. It shows that you grasp the technicalities of the song, yet, make it your own adaption and pay the original musician a compliment by taking something from it. The other would be that I enjoy the Danny Carey “feel” that I get from his videos, which I can’t explain well so I won’t try.

  7. KrazyKonaMan says:

    Im pree sure i like this cover better then the real song

  8. xxFuZioNs1 says:

    great cover, but those drum angles are really weird haha

  9. yooooitzcoreyyy says:

    i think…i just creamed myself

  10. Moisës Breton says:

    OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Corrosion0wns says:

    Just watched your drum vids. This dude shits on your face.

  12. 211yogi says:

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  13. IRideHonda99 says:

    nvm i just found 46 & 2..

  14. IRideHonda99 says:

    please play 46 & 2 with schism !

  15. MrSwitchBlade997 says:

    Hey man, absolutely amazing job. How much did your electric set cost?

  16. Her0twiNzstevil says:

    i dig your ethos..im much the same..like playing my bass with your stuffs,cheers matey. big love an rezpekt,

  17. PartialViewmusic says:

    Do a cover of a Gojira song, man!

  18. Urbano Burriola says:

    Very amazing, Tool is literally the best band ever and you drum covering this song just gives me the goosebumps, i can drum cover this song with my fingers on my steeringwheel!!! Your BEAST keep it up man!

  19. bruna camargo says:

    our … besides playing very well, is very beautiful too, loved….

  20. cyril sebadelha says:

    -How does he …
    -Shut up ! It’s magical ,Listen .

  21. gospelremix345 says:

    Thanks Cobus, you really helped me perfect the song.
    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!

  22. jerrybarker4824 says:

    You know what would be a really great Christian song to cover? We are the free by Matt Redman. Amazing song! And deffently amazing drum parts!

  23. DosK5495 says:

    PLEASE DO MORE COVERS!!! you seriously help me get so much better by making these videos! you are amazinggg!

  24. estevao prudencio says:

    toca bem foi mal

  25. estevao prudencio says:

    plays very well even my congratulations

  26. jeremias abella says:

    I used style when we have praise and worship!!! and its really good!!

    More Hillsong United Cover!! like:

    Hillsong United REVOLUTION

  27. ricardo grimm says:

    God Bless you my brother.
    ; )

  28. John Montalvo says:

    Ypure a christian drummer?? Freakin siq!!

  29. eldgitar says:

    omg you are so gooooooddddd god bless you man omg omg omg

  30. guitar1238751 says:

    You are a amazing drummer and very inspirational to me

  31. Shadi Malak says:

    man you are simply amazing bro, god given talent right there
    God is amazing and keep resting in his grace.

  32. charlypunk6 says:

    You deserves the Heaven, thanks for all Cobus <3

  33. Jose M Vargas says:

    good cover and nice audio

  34. Tyler Vanderkooy says:

    Good trolling, sir. Good trolling.

  35. mackerz405 says:

    nice!! Godbless

  36. ezikeil tomeldan says:

    Nice drumming god bless you 🙂

  37. ezikeil tomeldan says:

    Nice drumming god bless you :)

  38. DosK5495 says:

    look up the songs you’re playing at your church! play along and try to to follow what the drummers in the video are doing!
    you’ll get better really fast if you put your mind to it:D

  39. zjkim22 says:

    nice drumming man

  40. 30echelonsinmars says:

    please make more christian music again… its inspiring to see people with talent like you who share the same faith. and i suppose you play at your church? you must! God bless and keep on rocking with faith 🙂