Drums – Tom Sawyer – Rush – Rock – Neil Peart

Playing my drums to “Tom Sawyer” by the classic rock group Rush. Neil Peart is my Drumming Hero.

16 Responses to “Drums – Tom Sawyer – Rush – Rock – Neil Peart”

  1. Brianna Valentino says:


  2. MrFightandFlight says:

    Is that china upside down?

  3. jay horner says:

    nice and tight but not exactly the hardest song the world. some good shit at 2:52 to 3:02. Well learn’t!

  4. Raul Suazo says:

    dude, you nail it. GREATTTTTTTTTTT!

  5. TenSec86 says:

    great job kid, keep it up!


  6. zforce32 says:

    Most impressive brother! What kind of cymbals do you use?

  7. reshea1950 says:

    Excellent playing — and to a song that can be quite challenging!!!

    No doubt the ‘bar’ for playing the drums has been raised for the modern drummer.
    I come from the 70s/80s playing Funk (for the most part). There were some ‘flourishes’.
    I learned by ear, too!

    But, today a young drummer is expected to deliver a very complicated set of ‘grooves’.

    You play very very well!! Do Continue! And as said by someone else–keep your head straight!

    I Wish Much Success in Your Drumming Future!!!

  8. Festus Allcock says:

    F’n Awesome man. You make it look easy.

  9. DirtyOldMountainGoat says:

    Ummm, wow?

  10. MIGCEL44 says:

    Only one mistake at 3:21 The rest is the same as the original one.

  11. martin vaccaro says:

    I had NPS (niel peart syndrome) from 75 to early 90’s.I never cared for or played tom sawyer.(It seemed like a radio-friendly ‘sell out’ tune to me when it came out) I ‘could’ do tree’s, circumstance’s, 2112, bastille day, Zanudu ect ect pretty decent.Well about a year ago (when I HAD a kit) I listened to it over & OVER!. I sat down to play it and realized two things.1.You are older & out of practice/shape (52!) 2.It is Deceptively hard to play! IMHO- playing this tune well is an accomplishment.

  12. cmepla14U says:

    thanks Jake!

  13. richieatoz says:

    dude your awesome i never seen a 18 year old play this good keep it up man
    - Jake

  14. luca pellegrino says:

    WOW! incredible! greetings from Rome! 

  15. Asoldier4Christ says:

    Awesome !!