First Of The Year – Drum Cover – Skrillex

Enjoy My Drums? Like My FB! Wanna Stay In Touch? Follow Me! Due to copyright restrictions, I can no longer offer mp3 downloads, but you can use to get any of my drum cover mp3s I give away all of my videos and music for free, but if you’d like to help me make better and cooler videos you can Donate with the link below 🙂 Donate Here 🙂 Drum Cover of First Of The Year by Skrillex off of his latest album More Monsters and Sprites. The Equipment in this video is my old setup. In my setup seen in all of my new videos: COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays: Pearl Drums: Pearl Icon 3 Sided Rack and all Pearl Hardware Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator 3001 Double Pedals Pearl ELX Series Ruby Fade 7 Piece – 10 x 8″ 12×10″ 13×11″ Rack Toms, 16×16″ 18×16″ Floor Toms, 22×18″ Bass, 14×4.5″ Snare Pearl 13×3″ Piccolo Snare Pearl 13×4.5″ Steel Shell Snare Pearl 10×4″ M-80 Firecracker Snare Zildjian Cymbals 16″ & 18″ A Custom Crashes (A Custom Projection Crashes in some Vids) 8″ & 10″ A Custom Splashes 20″ A Custom Ride (20″ K Custom Ride in some Vids) 14″ A Custom Hi-Hats (14″ K Custom Session Hi-Hats in some vids) 12″ Oriental Trash China 16″ Oriental Trash China 8″ & 10″ ZXT Trashformer Splashes (Only in Some Videos, They Are The Bent Colorful Cymbals) Vic Firth Sticks Vid Firth Buddy Rich Signatures Vic Firth 5A (White) Remo Drumheads: Toms – Clear Remo Pinstripe Snare
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “First Of The Year – Drum Cover – Skrillex”

  1. mallel13 says:


  2. Sydney Hunter says:

    I like how you’re reppin GSU in most of your videos lol

  3. CJ Dewsbury says:

    I See That You Havn’t Got A GoPro Yet

  4. cmckoy100 says:

    since im your biggest fan im gonna guess that this vid was taken when u didnt really have a good set

  5. lachlan neasham says:

    hells better than cobus

  6. Brandon Coble says:

    nice twirls

  7. Heather Willott says:

    I love your arrangements of songs, you really take something familiar and already awesome and make it your own. Much respect from this fan

  8. Darren Hatch says:

    How you don’t have your own gig or t.v. show is beyond me. Incredible.

  9. Edmoberti says:

    When skrillex and travis barker?

  10. Icha Syailendra says:


  11. ProfessorDeHackers says:

    Really, it’s to different, but to wonderfull, good job ;D