Hang drum with celtic harp

Improvisation Alizbar – celtic harp www.alizbar-harp.com www.facebook.com www.vk.com/alizbar alizbarharp@gmail.com Christian Amin Varkonyi hang drum radioamin.jimdo.com Melting snowflakes on her hand Snowflakes turned into a drop on her palm
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24 Responses to “Hang drum with celtic harp”

  1. Romain Couraly says:

    yeah man!

  2. Earthstone2010 says:

    love it!

  3. Alberto J. Velazquez says:

    This is amazing, logged in just to give it a like 🙂

  4. Tara Tazara says:

    wow! beautiful!

  5. Graciela Garraza says:

    Una belleza musical, dos instrumentos maravillosos transportadores al cielo. Muy buenos músicos, armoniosos! Congratulations!

  6. lindamon8 says:

    I guess they’re sort of hang pants…..But the music IS beautiful.

  7. Linda Larson Schlitz says:

    Amazing! …Sent me into a worshipful place I haven’t been been in awhile. You are officially on my sanity music set of worship songs! Thank you!

  8. njrobinson95 says:


  9. John DEE says:

    amazing! so that instrument have fantastic sounds…

  10. MsSonotori says:

    woooow. so beautiful!

  11. davidbrealey says:

    awesome combination of sounds! got a video of a wicked hang drum performance in Amsterdam on my channel u should check out!

  12. eddiemaiden2012 says:

    Amazing do you have a cd?

  13. nsyltrk says:

    I want to be as high as harpist o/

  14. AmyRainbowMusic says:

    Haha, yeah maybe he just dropped one… No they’re really cool, it’s like wearing a skirt but you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing them up. The comfiest garment in the entire universe!

  15. ancienthibernian says:

    I wasn’t sure they were actually pants…

  16. ancienthibernian says:

    Oh, those are PANTS?

  17. Thomas Schauffert says:

    Love it very nice.

  18. McS S says:

    и де тут импровизация?..)

  19. Asianlion482 says:

    Amazing and inspiring… :]

  20. Tiago B. says:

    Fantastico!!! Congratulations

  21. logemister says:

    ya, notice the 7 months ago part… i have 3 pairs now lol

  22. AmyRainbowMusic says:

    I have those pants! Mwahaha

  23. James Copti says:

    WHERE CAN I GET MORE OF THIS SHIT. torrent or mediafire link NOW >:D

  24. James Copti says:

    i was gonna ask the same about his shirt. both garments are pretty sick