Ignorance – Paramore Drum Cover HD

Ignorance - Paramore Drum Cover HD

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com So, I got my pro-tools setup and a mbp and I needed a good song to try it out on. This one was fun. It can be hard if your kick drum speed is off. I used my drumset at my church and just plugged in the mics that I already had on it. I’m about to go off to school at GT so I was glad I could get this done before I leave. Oh yeah, no tabs so don’t ask. I strongly encourage you to buy the song and listen to it to figure it out. My cover is no where near perfect. Half of the fills were wrong but if I was to learn them all to perfection it would have taken forever to lay down a run through with them all. But the overhead shot should give you a good idea of how to play most of the stuff. If you can’t figure something out, I don’t mind explaining :). Please Subscribe! Paramore – Ignorance from the 2009 release “Brand New Eyes” is the copyrighted property of it’s owner(s)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Ignorance – Paramore Drum Cover HD”

  1. Derek Tedders says:

    Guys, take a look at my Paramore cover too! /watch?v=W9Xnj_ZtnKM

  2. Alyssa Coleen Casabar says:

    wow. I can only do the intro of that xD I love your snare drum! lol. :)))

  3. mosesdigitalguy4341 says:

    I Love that weird snare! lol

  4. mrmattstereo says:

    great covers man, would possible for you to send me the drum recordings that you made, i am trying to do a couple full covers nincluding all of the instrumentation but i have no means to record drums, email me at mwhite01@live.co.uk

  5. Guitardedguy1000 says:

    I have watched this so many times and still, it awes me…

  6. phoodo1 says:

    I actually love your snare sound it has a nice ring but stays controlled.

  7. Tom Watchorn says:

    awsome cover dude tbh i dont think the snare sounds that bad in my oppinion 😀

  8. Tom Watchorn says:

    awsome cover dude tbh i dont think the snare sounds that bad in my oppinion 😀

  9. perosa99 says:

    Awesome drumming. People that criticize can’t play half of what you do.
    I have been trying to play some of Zak Farro’s beats and your videos help a lot.

  10. VampzIsCrazed says:

    Wow, that was awesome I also love your cover of monster *_*

  11. Jessica Tjoa says:

    nah ini cakep total

  12. Rafi Natapradja says:

    nice kit man!! i love your kit.. except the snare 🙂 but i looooveee your cover

  13. Sam Spurling says:

    Your fills are good for the song. Paramore drumming is very much snare based fills so that’s really good.

  14. JADAMproductions says:

    awesome cover dude 🙂
    nice kit

  15. paoss1 says:

    Your snare sounds awful.

  16. fredzjEE says:

    He knows that and enough people has commented that already. Is it that hard to read the annontation that pops up?

  17. Letg Drums says:

    Your Snare ruined the cover men :_

  18. Joni Kammer says:

    motivates me to drumming, as you playing on drum :))

  19. JoeyTustin1 says:

    wow your good!!!!

  20. a158200 says:

    ITs COOL DUde

  21. Dylan James says:

    I hate your snare, but great cover

  22. Doodle Bop says:

    sounds okay =)