Ilan Rubin (Part I) — Guitar Center Drum Off 2011

Part I of Ilan Rubin’s (Nine Inch Nails, Lostprophets, The New Regime, Angels & Airwaves) performance at Guitar Center’s 2011 Drum Off Grand Finals at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on January 14th, 2012. Visit for more info and to check out more GC Drum Off performances
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to “Ilan Rubin (Part I) — Guitar Center Drum Off 2011”

  1. Msnarlz says:

    Travis is all singles single and more singles. When all you play is singles, they get pretty fast pretty quickly.

  2. Msnarlz says:

    That was hot

  3. starschlog says:

    Rubin does not use a double kick pedal.

  4. 202drummerboy says:

    3:41 O MY i am dying ! I CANT BREATH 

  5. Adyman182 says:

    Both are awesome for me anyways

  6. Mark Mirabella says:

    I don’t know, it’s pretty close, but that “speed” is mostly double bass. When it comes to playing around the kit, I think travis is faster, but it’s really not about speed.

  7. andreybeat007 says:

    Ian Paice reborn!

  8. j4ddrums says:

    what kind of drum heads are those?

  9. Seth Nissen says:

    Sounds like the polyrhythm from Eulogy. Rubin is a freaking beast nonetheless.

  10. mosh cellula says:


  11. benjsteiner says:

    Native Instruments Maschine. It’s $600 brand new, and the one he’s using is the old model. It’s now white, but you can get it used for a lot less, and in black (if thats what you want.)

  12. benjsteiner says:

    He’s using 3 rides. 21″ sweet ride as crash #1, 20 k crash ride as crash #2, and 24″ k light ride as the actual ride. All Zildjian.

  13. HazingSk8rats69 says:

    Does anyone know what ride he is using?

  14. fldsryn says:

    why are people even talking about travis barker here?

  15. mtxrules says:

    why does this guy only get 100k views and travis barker gets 800k views. should be the other way arround!!

  16. Pete Privitere says:

    Jack Black too!

  17. irwin3036able says:

    Looking forward in hearing this guy on the new Paramore album 😀

  18. BennJamesK says:

    I think it’s a Roland SP-555:)

  19. WormSermonizer says:

    can some PLEASE let me know what is that electronic pad hes using at the begining??Please.

  20. Rialas says:


  21. DrummerCM21 says:

    he kinda looks like jack white

  22. srgfluffypeaches69 says:

    imagine the bloopers for this: when he throws the drumstick up in the air and hits him in the eye, sitting there swearing

  23. halocritian says:

    that is entertaining with different camera angles

  24. MrMetson1 says:


  25. madmaddie69100 says:

    Amazing……xxxxx love it love it…..xxxx

  26. pkaste71 says:

    WoW Not Bad

  27. TheBackpacker1974 says:

    Amazing dude. Keep the covers coming. You are incredible.

  28. Brendan Misiwich says:

    Like a boss

  29. MrNikod3m says:

    my master

  30. Lewis Dite says:


  31. bavman12 says:


  32. xJerzzgaa says:

    Yes he is.

  33. Ruben Kråkholm says:

    O MY GOD;)

  34. DrunkMuffinHD says:

    Haha I dont know what to say except you have made me smile 😉

  35. Irvin Dragonborn says:


  36. Dashdog7 says:

    I honestly don’t know 🙂 I was just trying to make a Nice comment! I am glad u know the difference between a question and comment though! 😛

  37. DrunkMuffinHD says:

    One question, what is your idea of a question?

  38. str8solo1 says:

    You did that!

  39. Dashdog7 says:

    Just one question? YOUR AMAZING!!!

  40. Слава Осей says:

    WoW very cool !!! Greetings from Russia.