Jacob Armen’s “Heartbeat” Drum Etude #5

Jacob Armen's

www.JacobArmen.com www.facebook.com “Heartbeat” Drum Etude # 5 Composed by Jacob Armen Music Video Directed by: Apo Avedissian www.apomontage.com Produced by: Jacob Armen Special thanks: Sergei Avakyan & Apo Avedissian JAAB Records © 2011

18 Responses to “Jacob Armen’s “Heartbeat” Drum Etude #5”

  1. drummerpablo1 says:

    Some drummers are so good they make me feel bad at the drums. Armen is so good, he makes me feel bad at friendship. Time to practice.

  2. Mario Gajardo Tassara says:

    Beyond drumming, this is music !!!!!

  3. dadragon148 says:

    you cannot compare those two they play a totaly different style of music…
    BUT are both great!!

  4. BX02 says:

    He is amazing..but can all you drummers out there tell me how he compares to Mike Portnoy and company..Just curious…

  5. HmsSulaco says:

    You got a new fan..

  6. HmsSulaco says:

    Best Solo i heard on youtube so far. Damm it´s good..

  7. drummmerfish says:

    i first seen this cat on pbs when he was around 7-10 yrs old playing a dw kit (which the snare in this video is from) i was looking for that show on youtube. glad he’s still playing. p.s.- nice pre 97 dw kit.

  8. yahyalilli says:

    spaventoso..cioè c’ha un indipendenza troppo sottovalutata!!

  9. mapexprodrum says:


  10. TheGioldo says:


  11. oftennoother says:

    Or is that doubles on the super fast flurry?

  12. oftennoother says:

    I’ve never seen anyone go that fast with single stroke rolls on the toms like that.. I love this solo.

  13. justaman6972 says:

    Primal Esperanto!

  14. willstokes88 says:

    @asimovum you are wrong I’m afraid. It was recorded with two or more very high quality condenser microphones as overheads. Possibly AKG 414’s or something. Gives a nice open sound rather than a more focused one with close mics. Amazing sound and unbelievably amazing solo!!!!

  15. kschambers70 says:

    Well said brotha.

  16. GNWP67 says:

    I wouldnt say “…values in the world”. I’d say “…values amongst humans”. Jacob expresses the most basic happening in the world through drums. A simple heart beat. Although I bet even an animal would understand what he’s trying to interpret.

  17. luquinhassvc says:

    The biggest drummer around the world!

  18. Asimovum says:

    Thats because they first recorded the audio, and for the recording of the video Jacob was listening this same audio while playing over it, then an editor merges the audio with the video and thats it!