Jeff Queen – Prometheus Rapture (Snare Drum Concerto)

Prometheus Rapture: Seven Legends for Snare Drum (2009) Commissioned for Dame Evelyn Glennie JEFF QUEEN snare drum(s) SEAN BEESON original score ADAM LOCHSTAMPFOR snare drum composer STEFAN PODELL additional music & orchestration ANTHONY GREEN piano transcription Recorded in Mees Hall on August 2, 2010 Capital University Conservatory of Music Columbus, Ohio CHRIS SHUMWAY recording director and editing MATT DISBROW recording engineer and Engineered at Capital University
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Jeff Queen – Prometheus Rapture (Snare Drum Concerto)”

  1. demarubadub says:

    drum corps tends to do that to people

  2. Chrissy Runciman says:

    I better get to work on my paradiddles and rolls :- / !!

  3. Chrissy Runciman says:


  4. rikuantu says:

    Jeffs rim dribuling was pretty killer.

  5. thepacman437 says:

    that page turner is like the worlds best counter

  6. Michael Thompson says:

    A percussionists heaven!

  7. Chordinated says:

    Probly my favorite 2 instruments :)

  8. Thebigredperkmachine says:


  9. baby bran says:

    damn! so good
    maybe 1 day

  10. 32MadMike32 says:

    Thank Lorkhan I’m not the only nerd that noticed that.

    …I want sheet music for this. There’s no way I could do it justice, but I still wanna play it.

  11. Dylan11741 says:

    I’m amazed at how his playing is consistently… perfect.. as he moves drum to drum, changing sticks and all. That’s crazy.

  12. dudemanguyperson12 says:

    Haha thank you!!

  13. 0SukMunky0 says:

    Good, I’m not the only one who noticed that.

  14. marcos silva says:

    part ?

  15. DJAzzMoney says:

    wow that was awesome

  16. BarefootBillyIII says:

    Proof that Jeff can even make stock pearl heads sound great!

  17. vidviewer92 says:

    Loving that mylar head.

  18. Noah Angott says:

    You misspelled “Morrowind.”

  19. andyotic says:

    it sounds too much like the elder scrolls! you are so right!

  20. Edward Birch says:

    what is the first snare he uses? Is it a Pearl competitor tradition marching snare drum?

  21. Edward Birch says:

    no! the first pearl high tension is mylar, the second one has a kevlar head. we are talking about the 2nd drum used, and the last drum.

  22. bdbcorp says:

    There both mylar he is using a carbonply for the 2nd one

  23. TheShamandrums says:


  24. MrPhantomPanic says:

    2:45 kind of sounds like the Skyrim Theme. xD