Lady drummer Didi Negron from Namm 2010

Lady drummer Didi Negron playin at church. So pocket is not an option playin at my church. They like excitement n goin all out. I will get in trouble for keepin a pocket. However, pocket is really my thing and what i like to do most.

18 Responses to “Lady drummer Didi Negron from Namm 2010”

  1. TheQuantumHackCode says:

    I think any drummer playing like this would get fired or kicked off stage anywhere else.

  2. kikomgwtf says:

    I would love to have a girl like that in my life.

  3. wilfredo lopez says:


  4. raphaelcrockett23 says:

    wow is all i can say

  5. mudmovers says:

    Well, that settles it! Double bass in church FTW! Amazing job worshiping God and using your talent to lead his people into his presence!

  6. Jamie Harris says:

    Did you read the description? She says she likes to play in the pocket but they wouldn’t let her.

  7. Jamie Harris says:

    Watching this makes me want to quit seriously.

  8. cristopher gerez says:

    mahal ko na sya

  9. nichol lecera says:

    whatever you say 😀 we have individual talents to praise GOD ,, nothing is wrong with that 😀 and thats how she PRAISE the LORD 😀

  10. Charmmel385 says:

    halaka muraG c @mariz lingaya

  11. MegaOsiris123 says:

    Tita puente.

  12. MrGrindpants says:

    9:43  Holy shit that girl can BLAST BEAT!!!

  13. drummingsince89 says:

    TRULY AMAZING!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! SHE IS BLESSED WITH SUCH AN AMAZING TALENT!! (Id LOVE to meet her!! Id also LOVE to see Neil Peart’s reaction to watching her play!! Someone get THAT on YOU TUBE!!)

  14. TheTruthseeker711 says:

    Am I the only one that wants to see her do this naked?

  15. genezs09 says:

    I liked this video because she’s a very good drummer, but not that appropriate for this kind of song.. hmmmm I’m a drummer, and I like her.. xD

  16. alliens243 says:

    i understand hat she not in the pocket but when you feel the music u got the right to unleash your skill im a drummer and i do this alot cause im feelin it

  17. callin011 says:

    I agree, the drums should compliment the rest of the music, not get in the way. There are times when it is appropriate to unleash your skill in worship, but she overplayed that song (props for how well she did it though).

  18. 2fast2jack says:

    Can someone explain me what “pocket” means or what it refers to in the description of this video?