Love Spreads Isolated – Drums (Reni)

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22 Responses to “Love Spreads Isolated – Drums (Reni)”

  1. jklmnug says:

    Could you make a video of i am the resurrection isolated drums?

  2. blurry67 says:


  3. xchampbearx says:

    YouTube needs a function that allows you to see who clicked the dislike button. I want that person to explain themselves!

  4. ElizArctic says:

    Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys brought me here!

  5. josueamericanistarv says:

    Congratulations, good for you and for those unknown jazz drummers, now let us enjoy Reni’s drumming.

  6. 3jono says:

    Massive……… Jamie Oliver bollocks here!!!!

  7. stephencrowley1983 says:

    Nice vid, I had a nice jam on bass

  8. 72Bodie says:

    Reni is a god…. simply cant be replaced,,… as has been proven!!!!!!!

  9. funkstarphil1 says:

    Wicked bit of drumming, as always, from the master. Anyone know if there are any other isolated tracks of Reni as I could listen to this all day!

  10. THthefirst says:

    Reni was key to the whole band mate

  11. taffboyslim says:

    Yeah, but then you’d have to listen to jazz

  12. jakeenan says:

    of course a classy jazz or polyrhythmic drummer could play this track with ease…with on arm tied? That’s talking wet, dude. The point i believe you’re missing is POCKET. That’s what separates the gods from the greats.

  13. jakeenan says:

    Helders is a rocking, funky, unremitting drummer of the highest order…but if he had a quarter of Reni’s Swing he’d be one of the greats.

  14. anginman123 says:

    Helders is a class drummer but cant touch Reni, no way, he hasnt the groove

  15. OfficeKitten2012 says:

    Matt Helders? He’s alright, but nothing compared to Reni’s genius.

  16. Adrian Garcia says:

    Reni could outdrum Helders with one hand even at 18 years older Reni is the best drummer in the world Bar none

  17. treadwellvtr says:

    The more times you listen to this the more things you notice. Pure class.

  18. 9outof10 says:

    Shame on me – whatever I think of the Stone Roses, I never realised Reni could drum like this.

    Are those one-handed rolls? class.

  19. MrThreshold2009 says:

    Well that’s interesting as Reni used to do gigs with one arm just to show he could.

  20. 1stoneroses says:

    yeah and i suppose they can sing and play guitar as well as him! not!!

  21. viewtube0504 says:

    the agile beast sent me here. thanks matt!