Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps Malaguena 1988 DCI

Madison Scouts destroying malaguena

Disavowed “The veils of misconception” drums footage in studio, drums specially louder in the mix song taken from the new album “Stagnated existence” 2007/Neurotic Records
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps Malaguena 1988 DCI”

  1. bajeebazus says:

    What this vid only hints at & what only older corp members now remember, is how very, Very, VERY LOUD this was. It was so loud that you could turn excitedly to your friend sitting right next to you and scream “OMG THAT IS LOUD” & he would only see your lips move because you couldnt yell louder than they played. So amplify your horns all you want, heck, put the horns in the stands, it doesn’t matter. You will never hear this level of loud, and my heart breaks for you because it was magical.

  2. bguinn2159 says:

    Scouts have always rocked

  3. 19951doug says:

    Malagueña the best I’ve ever heard, very top!! Congratulations!

    Brasil.. ô/
    watch my banda .. and comment?

  4. SuperHoffdaddy says:

    My drumline instructor was center snare for phantom regiment in 2002.

  5. Alex Lawrence says:

    Bragging about band directors is the best! Mine marched star of 1991!

  6. pheffcaboose says:

    Holy crap… 3:44

  7. Andrew Lehman says:

    2:21 Budweiser.

  8. tm12567 says:

    Ahh the perfect song to make me happy!

  9. Reflex277 says:

    I was there in 88 when the Scouts blew the roof off Arrowhead. Still brings a tear to my eye, makes me want to run, lift massive weights, and do massive. Man, what a rush.

  10. xredranger43x says:

    Probably the best arrangement of malagueña I’ve heard. Madison scouts were beast!

  11. MrWhateveranything says:


  12. latinobloom01 says:

    I was there when I was 5! My Uncle Damon was apart of The Madison Scouts. So inspiring!!!

  13. HomicidalTh0r says:

    Mind blow by…everything O_O

  14. Gwen Jones says:

    Mind blown by Technique 0_0

  15. supermrawesomeman says:

    0:07 and thus marks where a typical madison scouts became one of the greatest dci shows in history

  16. Channelsixtyfour says:

    Best I’ve ever heard this music! You may need to check those speakers!

  17. lori0275 says:

    ur a dumbass

  18. migsyt says:

    Without doubt, the greatest 5 minutes in Drum Corps history. Nothing else is even close.

  19. curiousthylacine says:

    This is the most extreme thing that i have ever witnessed. Period.

  20. mrhairy1221 says:

    its true i read some study where the outcome read that professional drummers on levels like this are in the same standing athletically speaking as nfl players

  21. BiedaQ says:

    lol? I watch this vid over and over because its so wresh in terms of creativity. So many badass lick and patterns which i havent seen anywhere before… or iv seen but worse;P

  22. mrhairy1221 says:

    its true i read somewhere that professional drummers like this are in terms of athleticism in the same boat as nfl players

  23. Bl00dBeast says:

    Whilst it’s insane, it doesn’t sound good (in my opinion), seems the same as a lot of other stuff, not hating, just stating,
    I’d kill to be able to drum like that though

  24. snowdweller1988 says:

    How are there dislikes?

  25. Steve128967 says:

    It is a technique when made to be one and also, if you do it right the motion comes from your ankles and isn’t wide enough to damage your knees.
    Absolutely hammering the kicks with single strokes at 250 the way Romain does is worthy of more respect, though.

  26. Steve128967 says:

    As a matter of fact, it can be a technique, when done intentionally– the motion is horizontal and not vertical and works by catching the rebound of the pedal. Said technique was popularized only recently by dudes like Ken Bedene and Trey Williams.
    However, merely swiveling one’s foot to maintain balance on the pedal whilst still playing heel up is not a technique, no.

  27. xXParanormalPunxXx says:

    He did that on purpose.

  28. abacacus says:

    Swivel isn’t a technique. It’s just a motion that releases tension from your muscles.

  29. Rahan482 says:


  30. asadodemierda says:

    they don’t actually. I think it’s very possible to find a replacement but they didn’t. Their new drummer is not even the shadow of Romain. Cheers from El Salvador!

  31. TheLordmarckus says:

    una maldita maquina del blast!!!!