Manà – angel de amor – drum cover by Andrea Mattia

great song of the mexican band Manà, with Alex Gonzales on drums…in this song i put my roland td 12 kit……comment and rate…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

For more infomation on the Roland TD-30 please visit. Here is the first Video of the new Roland TD-30. The TD-30KV is the new flagship electronic drum kit from the Roland V-Drums range. This top-of-the-line kit is the most advanced Roland TD drum kit to date and is fit for professional stages and studios. A true workhorse for gigging drummers.

40 Responses to “Manà – angel de amor – drum cover by Andrea Mattia”

  1. Jorge Saballo says:

    Excelente. Ya quiero sacar esa canción como tú en la batería ^^. FELICIDADES.

  2. drumwish2010 says:


  3. Ricardo Carquin says:

    Genial el cover :DD

  4. Snuz Uluz says:

    Creo que solo Alex podrá decir en donde la cagaste porque yo no veo nada. Del putas!

  5. SierraStudioss says:

    muy buen trabajo!! pásate por mi canal cuando puedas, yo tb he hecho un cover de ángel de amor, espero q te guste!!

  6. Odraude Carmona says:

    Después de tener grabado el sonido de tu bateria (si es que usaste microfonos) debes tenerlo en una lap y tener la pista que hayas tocado, posteriormente lo puedes sincronizar con cualquier programa, te recomiendo Sony Vegas pro 10 (:

  7. Jorge36067 says:

    hola, pueden desirme como poner la cancion mientras toco como el, en vez de ponerla en un estereo

  8. Paco Vargas says:

    q bateria y q vajilla usas?? suena d ptm tu kit!

  9. Fernando Medicina says:

    GREAT Drum Cover! Congrats!

  10. luis00unplugged says:

    tienes mucho talento amigo. yo estoy aprendiendo y no es nada facil . espero tocar asi un dia .

  11. JOSEGABRIEL olveradelgado says:


  12. CCCdrumview says:

    Nice…kit sounds great!

  13. tony gom di says:

    muy bueno

  14. divitodh says:

    wow!! sin palabras genio!!!

  15. slashcuricano Hudson says:

    genial compadre liil]; )’

  16. Misha P says:

    la nitidez de los redobles es lo que me vacila de este cover…… bien jugado maestro

  17. Fede Abal says:

    Jajajaja A los 4:48 Se pudre el rancho! Genial, una maravilla el sonido!

  18. Bagy Villalobos says:

    No me sorprende tanto el cover, si no tu afinacion tan identica. Felicidades carnal y adelante!

  19. SIkERkAcM says:

    que bueno que interpretaste la cancion bro!! el doble pedal al final estuvo bueno!!

  20. MrAdolfocm says:

    one of the bests band Mexico Mana

  21. Luis Boché says:

    hay 7 envidiosos …. este cover es excelente!!! justo como la toca alex…..

  22. Jamie Swift says:

    Bravo! Superb drumming, very well played! 🙂

  23. MrGregles says:

    What is the song craig plays too its awesome?

  24. jjpl2001email says:


  25. 20113GT says:

    classic jealousy.

    i don’t own any of these kits and there is a difference in feel. I understand though, you are trying to make excuses to make yourself feel better about your current kit. Your kit is great, no need to feel bad about it…seriously.

  26. drytaffin says:

    Awesome demo.

  27. Fleeticus says:

    Met Craig today at my college! He was awesome.

  28. vincentmack37 says:

    4.50 is for when you want a nice sound track for your gay anal sex

  29. JerryBeatFreak says:

    I want that, I want that, I want….Oh, right. I’m broke….

    Btw, Is the TD-30k the same thing as this but with a sort of “stripped down” setup? I mean, same triggers and so on?

  30. MaxTaylorGrant says:

    Black light machine, what an utter tune! Is this guy Frost*’s drummer?

  31. ConKen95 says:

    until he started playing

  32. Lee Jay says:

    I’m sorry, but it doesn’t sound much better than a td-20. I have a 20 and my hi-hats and cymbles sound and react just like the 30. I don’t think it’s worth the money they’er for. I’m happy with what I’ve got.

  33. Maxim Maunz says:

    Alex nods too much.

  34. NeeIsKla says:

    Well…. Roland finally starts to sound real!

  35. ckrepair123 says:

    @AndertonsMusic. So does that mean the Td-30K kit I bought which includes pd-125, vh11 hit hat does that provide the full sensitivty? The Td-30K is a new kit obviously but Roland is including the pd-125 and Vh-11 which has been around for over 8 years. I would have to say the Td-30k probably has only enhanced behavioral triggering capabilities in the cy-12 cy-15 and cy-13 and pdx-100 as that pad is brand new. Can you confirm?

  36. bobdapenguin says:

    How much of a discount would trading in a TD12KX get me?

  37. ktvegasdrummer says:


  38. DillingerEscp says:

    My.God… I want this. I want this now.

  39. ransisua says:

    more like Dirk Verbeuren