Meytal Cohen – I Stand Alone by Godsmack – Drum Cover

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23 Responses to “Meytal Cohen – I Stand Alone by Godsmack – Drum Cover”

  1. Marco Calderon says:

    nice choice of song

  2. liverquiver4 says:

    She is awsome

  3. Marco Fernández says:

    While Deathspell Omega is indeed awesome, I think you are in the wrong place if you search for that kind of music. Way off.

  4. jacobotman says:

    not bad,actually pretty good. me like

  5. Kurtis Kruse says:

    Great cover what tombs do you use?

  6. Elio Wolf says:

    meytal cohen sei fantastica contin ua cosi kissss

  7. Michał Bula says:

    Calm down friend, you’ll get a heart attack…

  8. extradutyfelt1 says:

    my pecker thinks with my mind..i´m no good..

  9. apapi65 says:

    does anybody knows if this sexy girl have a band if not she need too because she’s awesome make it all girl band.

  10. islespatrick says:

    fine, stand by your simple music that lacks technical skills, and no lyrical substance.

  11. DanSoldierGuy says:

    Okay, just did, and I stand by my original comment. There’s a reason that style of music never went mainstream. Deathspell Omega sounds like an audio recording of someone with explosive diarrhea… in other words it sounds like SHIT.

  12. islespatrick says:

    Look it up…you pleb

  13. rockstargothprincess says:

    I happen to love Godsmack. I Stand Alone is my absolute favorite song by the band.

  14. hellkid4life says:

    Strange looking kitchen.

  15. DanSoldierGuy says:

    Nobody’s ever heard of that crap. She plays GOOD music.

  16. islespatrick says:

    can you cover something at least interesting? Enough of this A-B formula crap, and play something like Deathspell Omega, or Blut Aus Nord. God!

  17. Tackleberry666 says:

    that too (thumbs up)

  18. kitbo says:

    and blind ^_^

  19. Tackleberry666 says:

    40 people are deaf

  20. kamurandeliormnli says:

    No you wrong,its just impossible ,she never and ever couldnt be better than Ulrich! He is one of the impressive drummers and icon of the metal music,that girl never could be compared with him.Thats unfair what i am said in my first comment and it just my personal opinion.