Mike Portnoy – Budokan (Isolated drums)

Mike Portnoy Isolated drums live
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14 Responses to “Mike Portnoy – Budokan (Isolated drums)”

  1. gangamel says:

    dal min 3:00 l’uomo scoprì la batteria!

  2. airbus787dreamliner says:

    mikeeeee!!! genius *-* i wait the full concert only with drums *_* thnak u!!!!

  3. pipapoist says:

    Mike is the Achilles of drums…

  4. josecb2c13 says:

    First: Beyond This Life
    Second: Beyond This Life (Solo)
    Third: Ytse Jam + The Dance Of Eternity .. or Intrumently 🙂
    Fourth: New Millenium
    Fifth: Pull Me Under

    Enjoy 😀

  5. raynoobkac says:

    i want HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ArmadaMcBrain says:

    he promised!

  7. meandthewanderlust says:

    man, how did you extract the drum line?
    pls give me a clue, i’d like to do that to a couple of trivium songs xD

  8. kk6downing says:

    I want to see Pull Me Under but all of it

  9. athox says:

    @novenpeter You are right.
    @XxPTdrummer7xX You are wrong twice. Ytsejam riff is part of Instrumedley, as I said. And Mike can’t sing.

  10. novenpeter says:

    forth should be New Millennium

  11. XxPTdrummer7xX says:

    Third is part of Ytsejam and part of Dance.

    and at fifth, i dont agree at all. i do think he’s quite a good singer.

  12. EskilNaige says:

    Mike sells these as separate DVDs on his web site.

  13. SuperDreamtheaterfan says:

    How can I have the isolate drums on my DVD ?

  14. opticsabru says:

    5:06 – 5:49 brilliant!