Mike Terrana et Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang et Mike Terrana font un duo de batterie très sympa et amusant. Meinl Drum Festival 2009, Moscow.

8-year-old musician Jacob Armen shows his drumming skills with “The Tonight Show” band in 1989.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “Mike Terrana et Thomas Lang”

  1. TheCrocBoss says:

    shit Mike Terrana is a wannabe that never will be he sucks

  2. mspointblanker says:


  3. iamgr80k says:

    I don’t understand how people can compare the two. Music is not about competition. Also, I wouldn’t dare think of saying that either one of those titans are not geniuses. And who, in their right mind, can compare genius. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul to Thomas and Mike. May you both have all your goals in life realized.

  4. Dvorkys says:

    Very epic battle !! Both guys are great drummers and it looks like they havin’ fun !!! That’s the music is all about .. Great video… Thanks 😉

  5. dxates1 says:

    Lang has more technique, and more versatility. I will take Jojo Mayer over both Lang and Terrana

  6. gshdrums says:

    Lang is so good, but he just doesnt have that raw power than Mike has….

  7. geoff1424 says:

    yes yes! thnx for commenting

  8. gshdrums says:

    ahhhhhhh thats who i keep getting in my head!

  9. rampage162 says:

    i just relist that

  10. daniloballo says:

    From 03:05 to they’re playing “Stayin’ alive”…. Ahahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. luzier13x says:

    monsters. you gotta love em’

  12. michaellukers says:

    I completely agree and that’s what drums and music are all about!

  13. Rafik G. Rizkallah says:

    Thats and amazing video 😀 LOVE IT

  14. Rafik G. Rizkallah says:

    LAng is a beast 😀

  15. fills1001 says:

    i like this video.. =))

  16. metallicarocks911 says:

    1080p quality! bravo!

  17. bajeebazus says:

    This must have been a hell of a moment for…Johnny Carson. Think about it, his friend Buddy Rich, drummer extraordinaire, died barely 1 year earlier. Buddy was a child prodigy who was himself amazing audience at age 7, and here comes Jacob doing the dame thing. Awesome moment.

  18. Melvin Woodcock says:

    His name is “Rodrigo Gomez” and he is a 40 year old “midget” !!!! 

  19. Cesar Michel Bailon Esquivel says:

    O.O i have been defeated.

  20. KurdtKobain09 says:

    Why is he playing Jazz on a kit like that? That kit needs some heavy-punk rock-pounding!

  21. vofka90 says:

    joy? it`s you? 🙂

  22. Randy Bellous says:

    Keep in mind that Jacob is playing with a dis-located wrist (see his right hand) which happened the day before he performed.

  23. colbyraffthelegend says:

    better than barker

  24. DarkeningSkies1 says:

    Gee, maybe if Denardo Coleman had been this technically adept at 8, the jazz critics would have climbed off Ornette’s back. 😉

  25. kikors1212 says:

    Nada de impressionante

    Ate dormi assistindo

  26. Larry Whitted says:

    I never saw this whole video and it’s much clearer than the other one. Thanks.

  27. jsimensen says:

    Love the dynamics

  28. hydrotag says:

    pfft. I was way better than this kid at 5.

  29. interestingisitnot1 says:

    I cried when I watched this the first three times and then I was completly amazed.What a gift a child is.

  30. preciouslouse says:

    His heartbeat etude ends with a cymbal on which one can clearly read “Jacob Armen, an impossibly great student. Thanks, Jim Chapin”…

  31. Steven Solomon says:

    Buddy Rich’s stand in.

  32. saky228 says:

    1 stupid was here !

  33. futuremusician728 says:

    just search “jacob armen heartbeat etude” it should come up. 🙂

  34. thedoctorb4 says:

    ok i found it..i did a youtube search of “jacob armen heartbeat” he is great

  35. thedoctorb4 says:

    i dont understand the link….it didnt come up

  36. futuremusician728 says:

    Watch /watch?v=y-zeEKKXrCc&feature=related
    His latest “etude” called Heartbeat.

  37. futuremusician728 says:

    This performance is like a giant middle finger to the electronic era of 80’s music xD

  38. SuperMefisto6666 says:

    I can’t hear the cymbals… Maybe I’m deaf, I don’t know, but they could at least turn the volume of the drums up a little if they were to focus on the drummer.

  39. OfficialRobbieMason says: