Phil Collins Farewell Tour – Drums and “Take Me Home”

Drums and “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins and crew in his First Final Farewell Tour in Paris

32 Responses to “Phil Collins Farewell Tour – Drums and “Take Me Home””

  1. Mich B says:

    Best live concert “Genesis” 1982 or 3 Phil on drums best I have ever heard

  2. narmer44 says:

    “Mission Accomplished.”

  3. Leslyn Joefield Trim says:

    what a legend i love his songs and his style

  4. Laurens Zwart says:

    Goosebumps. Really awesome! the drums and song! Perfect music

  5. WTLISAT says:

    Are you refering to Leyland Sklar? Yes, he filled in on bass during Toto’s 2007 – 2008 tour. Jeff Baxter never played with Toto. The guitarist for Toto is Steve Lukather.

  6. Celia Frances says:

    Actually it was not November 16th 2012 it was September 16th 2007. i was 7 and he did a tambourine solo. look it up (:

  7. Celia Frances says:

    I wounder if im the youngest person to ever like Phil. Iv loved him sense i was like… 1 1/2
    😀 i still LOVE him.. I will always remember his last concert with Genesis. November 16th 2010<3

  8. TheTunes4UTube says:

    And Toto

  9. TheTunes4UTube says:

    Yeah, you could really feel the passion there! 😀

  10. TheTunes4UTube says:

    Ah wow – 4.45 to 5.40, chillsssssss

  11. Ariel Cardona says:

    Santa Claus on Atkins Diet.

  12. Ariel Cardona says:

    196 persons failed at Music Appreciation.

  13. Ariel Cardona says:

    Mmmmmm, isn’t that joke TOO old already?

  14. Vini Batéra gospelchops' says:

    o china de castro la traz no 2:23. U.u

  15. beefhead27 says:

    You should learn proper grammar.

  16. gsxracer1977 says:

    i see someone is jealous….. you do think that’s the only thing he does? are you stupid or is it just ignorance? put your video up, bigmouth.

  17. beatman says:

    Abraham Lincoln on lead guitar!

  18. simo134 says:

    What is the first part of the song he is playing? At the beginning.

  19. benoitlambert100 says:

    anyone with a hate message on the tube should post a video first then we could make our own comments. There are so many morons out there unbelievable.

  20. Stephen Hermitt says:

    that wire would be so annoying

  21. MarcosBateraodery says:

    O cara é de uma velocidade impressionante.

  22. badmotorscooter1000 says:

    Eric once said I was a nobody and I want to let him know I am not im awe of his skills. I want his big ass to call me out so I can punk him out infront of everyone. and maybe humble him just a little. Come on Eric. Break down your best pattern at 40bps give me a week and I will be all over it. Then you do my pattern and we will see who the real badass is. In a month I will be own your ass and this time next year you will still be dropping stix. How about it call me out.

  23. byfactorise says:

    why don’t you teach drum clinics then, instead of pointlessly hating people on the tube. you won’t ever make it with that attitude.

  24. thiagobiasoli says:

    4:23 começa a soar bonito e musical. 4:47 como cagar um clima em uma virada!

  25. badmotorscooter1000 says:

    When I watch a Eric Moore video I know its not going to be but few seconds and he goes into his triplet thing everytime. We get it Eric u spend hundreds of hours practicing the same stuff and that simple fake ass twrill. I There is not one pattern u do that I can’t do. I got several that you can’t do and this time next year u would still be dropping sticks. If you wasn’t so cocky like the way you throw ur sticks down at the end like u really did something great, people wouldn’t be on ur ass.

  26. Jen0os says:


  27. Rodolfo Castellini says:

    Ele foi embora num GOL?!?!

  28. Jen0os says:

    Every overweight black guy sounds exaaaactly the same when playing drums :s

  29. Felipe Fraga says:

    gente boa de mais …