Pokémon Black/White: Mew Solo Run – Part 44 – Final Battle – Cheren

We have our final battle with Cheren ! He has pokemon level 65 – 67 !
Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “Pokémon Black/White: Mew Solo Run – Part 44 – Final Battle – Cheren”

  1. Charlotte Metz says:

    i have mewtwo

  2. cybeast234 says:

    No puberty? WTF?!

  3. yonyunior says:

    narration bloooooows

  4. TonyTillman100 says:

    Don’t say this cool guy has a bad voice he has a normal one.

  5. justin moniz says:

    what pokemon language is this the pokemons names are different

  6. MsPandajadas says:

    i have all pokemon then your mew 😛

  7. Anders537li says:

    it’s only because ME IS AWESOME!

  8. TheMustik92 says:

    lol 14 my ass!

  9. noah grawemeyer says:

    whats a delibird? i found 1

  10. jeremy habitant says:

    lol u sound 8 or 9

  11. fdgod555 says:

    14? well… I am 13, and I don’t have that sucky little voice… I don’t trust you.

  12. VideoGamer869 says:

    You may not be 8 but you act like one. Because only 8 year olds use Action Replays.

  13. dzc4627 says:

    Because he is one? O.o

  14. dzc4627 says:

    I beat the league, champion, and cynthia but cheren still isnt their o.o

  15. TyranitarTube says:

    Oh, Lol! I had to do some code work,.

  16. KarenLoves02 says:

    how did you got a mew? lol im new to pokemon :/ yea i suck lol .

  17. teddybearfan12 says:

    Why do you sound like a kid?

  18. TyranitarTube says:

    Commented by an 8 year old. I am 14, but good guess.

  19. xpertgamer99 says:

    recorded by a 8 year old

  20. BreezeBetta says:

    O NO NO CUS…

  21. TyranitarTube says:


  22. shadowkage7xx says:

    but u battle her at juniper lab right?

  23. TyranitarTube says:

    Sadly, no, as my computer crashed, and I lost my game and the footage.

  24. shadowkage7xx says:

    do u have it on youtube (1 sub 4 u)