Rashid Williams in the Toca Studio

Rashid Williams in the Toca Studio

Drum solo by Toca Artist Rashid Williams. This video also showcases the use of Toca Percussion’s Quick Change Mount. For more information on this product: tocapercussion.com

The amazing drum solo to Stronger that Bradie Webb did.
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15 Responses to “Rashid Williams in the Toca Studio”

  1. theFMLP says:

    All Ziljan I cant see is very good but i think he uses the Ziljan K Dark custom series

  2. pnkflod says:

    block and bass on 1’s, the rest is all floor tom. they are 5-lets. “One-la-lee-ta-lee, Two-la-lee-ta-lee” or “Trip-O’-let-ta-la, Trip-O’-let-ta-la.”

  3. Alexandre Moustique says:


  4. SuperTunday says:

    Witch Zildjian cymbals are used here?

  5. Eze123456100 says:

    ok so 4 or 5 lets between bass and floor, and hits the block with bass on 1? or no bass and floor at all just floor?

  6. pnkflod says:

    my best guess is a set of 4 5-lets, hitting the block and bass on every “1” of each set?

  7. Eze123456100 says:

    Amazing! What is the lick he does on 1:50?? Great chop!!

  8. Saulo juarez reynoso says:


  9. TruthTheSpeaker says:


  10. mrjboogie921 says:

    I love this vid because he spent most of his time grooving!!! I get so tired of drummers just chopping off and that’s it

  11. mrak252 says:

    dat was just crazy… smdh

  12. DrummerZful says:

    then you must be his father…

  13. BirdmanSr11 says:

    I’ve seen Rashid play the drums at 2 years old…he is the best Drummer ion the planet

  14. victor porto says:

    esse batera tem uma pegada diferente e toca muito de boa …..toca muito