Rush “Subdivisions”: New!!! Drums!!!

I’ve got many requests to redo some of the old videos in HD… To celebrate also the milestone of reaching a total of 1 million hits, I’ve made 3 videos tonight of some of these Rush classics. This is the first one! Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Rush “Subdivisions”: New!!! Drums!!!”

  1. CulturePROVOCATEUR says:

    You are a real talent. Great job.

  2. Aaron Greene says:

    Like a boss. Great job.

  3. aelon1 says:

    Nicely done! This is not an easy one to cover!

  4. camflaugelargeeeeee says:

    This is a pretty damn good cover man, nice job! One of my fav Rush songs too!

  5. Astrotama says:

    Thanks! Same to you!

  6. ofcmannyb says:

    Great job man, I’ve watched many of your videos!!!!!
    Have a great Christmas season and a Happy New Year.

  7. Bruisercruiser74 says:

    Awesome! Hey I learned part of that song as well. You know, the part where Neil hits the sticks together. I think I can do that! Hehehe.

  8. Astrotama says:

    It’s on the list. I’ve been slowly learning that song in the past few weeks. I still don’t have my drums in Hawaii but it might very well be a top priority soon… 😉

  9. Bruisercruiser74 says:

    If you get around to it I would like to see you play the title track from Clockwork Angels. Neil really gives those toms a beating 😉

  10. Allan Nakamassu says:

    Wow, that’s the most perfect cover of Subdivisions I’ve ever seen.
    Even in sound, as in technic and movement.
    10 out of 10!

  11. Deetroiter says:

    Bad ass!

  12. Astrotama says:

    I moved back to Hawaii a few months ago so no more band (well, at the moment…). No, I’ve never heard for Neil or anybody else from the Rush camp. Fine by me. It’s a tribute to Neil, not to myself.

  13. 2K11FJ says:

    Absolutely amazing as usual. 2 things, what happened to the Rush cover band project you were getting going, and have you ever heard from Neil commenting on your playing??

  14. eyemanflying says:

    Fantastic job! There are many that think they’re good, but man you absolutely nailed it!

  15. Robbie Robinson says:

    Awesome drumming dude!!!!. My favorite band…

  16. Rush2112Drums says:

    Man that was wicked. as all of your videos :) You and Pauliewanna inspired me to put up my own channel devoted to Rush drum covers! 🙂 I have only 4 songs atm. But i’m gonna start posting them frequently! Thanks!

  17. GabrielBassGuitar says:


  18. earlthesquirrel1 says:


  19. theternalcity says:

    very nice…

  20. Awes0meSn1per115 says:

    He’s an astronomer.

  21. drummerhog26 says:

    WOW!!! Dude you are a beast!!!!