Slayer – Raining Blood (drum cover by Tamara)

Slayer - Raining Blood (drum cover by Tamara)

Here is another Slayer cover, and to mention again I don’t have acoustic drums anymore… Thanx everyone for watching!!! \m/
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23 Responses to “Slayer – Raining Blood (drum cover by Tamara)”

  1. Guillaume Neveu says:


  2. Alejandro Rincon says:

    LOL epic fail 

  3. TheNoahdjong says:

    No? Why are people always so surprised when a girl is drumming. And I’m a man.

  4. TheCCMorgan says:

    @JohnVidar Hey John

  5. JohnVidar says:

    I didn’t say I don’t respect them, only that I FULLY respect Tamara. Meytal and Lux just oze sex appeal, and they exploit it all-out. Ain’t got nothing to do with issues, maybe I just have a clearer perspective on things than you do. 🙂 And the smiling thing annoys me because it looks stupid and doesn’t seem natural. Feels like they’re just trying to send out a message; Look at me, I’m so cute. But it doesn’t matter much.

  6. fishjnky says:

    So you don’t respect women for wanting to look good and for smiling? Man, you got issues

  7. watatum02 says:

    Holy shit, It’s a girl?

  8. MotherWrucker says:

    Well said!

  9. Vanja Koncul says:

    grandissima…. forteee

  10. TheParanormal4 says:

    Hey man just wondering what program did you use to make that extra video in the bottom left pop up and play at the same time as the main vid? sorry for my retardedness lol i just am curious

  11. Mike Vaughan says:

    This is AMAZING. 😀

  12. w00kie11 says:’re amazing as always. Cheers!!

  13. JohnVidar says:

    This is the only female drummer on YouTube i fully respect, simply because she doesn’t dress up or anything in her videos. Lux Drummerette and Meytal Cohen both dress up and sit there and smile. It annoys me. This girl is real. Not that Lux and Meytal are bad, it’s just that they exploit the sex image and takes it all the way. Therefore: Tamara > Every other girl drummer.

  14. kinho123666 says:

    I LOVE YOU !!!!

  15. majorpownage100 says:

    OMG ur the best female drummer I have ever seen !!! And your really cute lol

  16. Santiago Valderrama says:

    Thank s for your help Tamara. Cool drumming!

  17. g1n3k says:

    WAU, for a second I thought Dave Lombardo was cloned with some gene polishing into nicer gender :)) Although, I wish, I’m too old to place “marry me” statement here for you, but I can tell what girls like to hear: you’re better in playing this cult thrashy stuff than that Lux Drumwhatever lady 🙂 Even at this speed, it seems you have a lot of time to think around, relaxed.

  18. mmaster343343 says:

    nice kitchen!! 😀

  19. Brianna Owings says:

    DAMN! That was badass. You’re a really great drummer. 🙂

  20. Twolliebollie says:

    What kit are you playing?

  21. MrRozeenRot says:

    Damn, i fell in love