Stanton Moore Drum Clinic Solo at Memphis Drum Shop

Stanton Moore Drum Clinic Solo at Memphis Drum Shop Gear used in the video: Drums: 1973 Gretsch 12×8, 14×14, 18×14 (Borrowed from Jim Pettit) 14×4.5 Gretsch Stanton Moore Signature Maple Snare (Model SM-45148DS) Cymbals (From drummer’s L to R) 15″ Bosphorus Prototype Stanton Moore Fat Hats 20″ Bosphorus Stanton Moore Trash Crash Cymbal 22″ Bosphorus Stanton Moore Wide Ride Cymbal 20″ Bosphorus Stanton Moore Pang Thang Drumheads: Remo Coated Ambassador Batters Remo Clear Ambassador Reso Remo Powerstroke 3 Kick Batter Remo Fiberskyn Kick Front

20 Responses to “Stanton Moore Drum Clinic Solo at Memphis Drum Shop”

  1. Ludovicosooo says:

    Muy bueno , sobre todo lo de el dedo ensalivado en el parche del tambor, Ja iiii . Buenisimo

  2. Paul Evans says:


  3. Lasmamoe says:

    It’s almost impossible to play this without doing that 🙂

    I can definitely not play this as good as him, but i can play the pattern, and my bottom fingers are always like that

  4. eganjaller says:


  5. zeppelin654321 says:

    what kind of ride cymbal does he use???

  6. Thomlistentoslayer says:

    new orleans drumming….:)

  7. XxStrongDrums1996xX says:

    Fiberskyn Ambassador

  8. DuNordavind says:

    I think she/he’s talking more that it sounds tribal, like something you’d hear in a jungle, not so much jungle as a genre.

  9. EdoardoilBatterista says:


  10. chochemerlyn says:

    The jungle sound? Are you talking about the one handed rolls?

  11. drumfluffable says:

    What kind of Fiberskyn head is the bass reso?

  12. castleone4U says:


  13. Shaun Lees says:

    Love it 

  14. Spenserforwood says:

    it’s both inspiring and depressing to know that i’ll never be that good

  15. Ask Finderup says:

    Love the jungle sound!

  16. dagozepp says:

    I am blown away!!! Killer chops man!!!

  17. drums4694 says:

    What cowbell is he using?

  18. tbirddrums17 says:

    That was amazing! Loved every second of it!

  19. frankiesai122 says:

    So awesome! Stanton has one of the most organic feels around!

  20. IlnousaimeleMonsieur says:

    Anybody else realize that when he double-strokes with his right hand, his bottom two fingers are flying?