Stephen Perkins Improv w/ Wes Borland & Tony Franklin

This is a clip from DW DVD’s release of “Stephen Perkins: A Drummer’s Life”, a feature-length music documentary on the legendary drummer from Jane’s Addiction, Stephen Perkins. The movie explores his life, musical versatility, and passion for percussion. Production Company: GSM Entertainment Director/Producer: Geoffrey McNeil
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Playing Angel of Death, hope you’ll like it and thank you for watching!

40 Responses to “Stephen Perkins Improv w/ Wes Borland & Tony Franklin”

  1. sniffingyochairz97 says:

    I love Wes Borland’s playing and all, but don’t you think that the Stephen Perkins and Tony Franklin are equally worthy of respect? I mean 9/10 comments are about how how “awesome” Wes is seriously.

  2. Saulo Pamato says:

    Really this video doesn’t show enough to know Wes Borland!

  3. Warren Briones says:

    wes wasn’t doing anything amazing here… all i could hear were just high pitched notes with delay… nothing special…

  4. Adam Lambert says:

    I love how at the end of this jam stephen immediately looks at wes cuz he knows he’s a beast on guitar lol very melodic and creative as well as hard and heavy man! never thought i would see these guys jam together in a million years…glad i found this video…not a huge janes addiction fan…i love limp bizkit tho especially their old school stuff from three dolla bill that shit is disgusting i love it…

  5. AngelosInside says:

    Bass too loud, Wes’s’ guitar too quiet…

  6. UncleWiggler says:


  7. tihaaka says:

    wes is a genius!

  8. jimmy morris says:

    reminds me of my drumming style so much. hes obviously better tho lol

  9. basementdrumming says:

    yeah it looks like one

  10. musicplayer69 says:

    yes, played by Tony Franklin. If you’re interesting in fretless bass guitar, you really should check out this guy and mick karn: both are beasts !

  11. NMages20 says:

    i like how this is a stephen perkins video but everyone points out that wes is amazing. Even though i agree that Wes is a god

  12. czifrik68 says:

    UN -FREEEK-ING Believable…!!!!!!!!!

  13. keverinkarama says:

    yes, looks like it.

  14. Khryztyan5 says:

    is that a fretless bass guitar?

  15. ivanspecs says:

    Mike Terrana Jr.? 😀

  16. froboy21ize says:

    genial :DD

  17. Guillaume Neveu says:

    Impressive! (again ;-))
    You need to find your Slayer now 😉 (ok, there aren’t many Slayers around, but you get the idea ;-))

  18. galoore says:

    Тамара, а есть пара? Очень круто. Я прям влюбился)))

  19. Josh Obagy says:

    Awesome job on the cover. loved it 🙂

  20. metal4ever9116 says:

    it would be a better world haha

  21. FATALITY07RUS says:

    I wish all girls were like this and not listening to the pop shit

  22. valerie klaft says:

    Yesss!! This is awesome!

  23. Ronald Portocarrero says:

    well … that was sick !

  24. jordan lazarevic says:

    Svaka čast!!! Samo tako nastavi. Pozdrav iz Srbije!

  25. barongeisler00 says:

    is there any FB page for the fans ! 😀

  26. maceek1 says:


  27. Michele Gates says:

    How come no one head bangs while drumming. Am I the only one who tries not to look like a stiff robot?

  28. 5192ig88 says:

    For a guy who is barely coordinated enough to rub his tummy while patting his head, this is incredible stuff to watch.

  29. sodspoonman says:

    F*#kin’ superb. That is all.

  30. chargindave70 says:

    Wow, Im glad I found this! I love your aggressive style, I’ve al;ways liked the way dave lombardo just beats the hell on his drums

  31. SHAZAMhaikey says:


  32. Rodrigo Loredo Romero says:

    Amazingly talented! And she’s really hot eventhough she’s not trying to be…

  33. fkaanf says:

    lombardo’s daughter?

  34. vegetoth says:


  35. DrummerPortwo says:

    That monitor can’t stand the epicness!! neither I can!!!! JDLKASJDLKASNDKLASNDLKASJ

  36. MaxTropicola says:

    Wow, imagine that girl beating some meat… W-O-W.

  37. JEMMK7 says:

    that was just f..king awesome!!!!!