Steve Gadd – Drum Clinic – PASIC Columbus Ohio

Steve Gadd at PASIC – Columbus – Ohio – 2005 Filmed by Bernhard Castiglioni – DRUMMERWORLD Excerpts from the Drumclinic. More at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Steve Gadd – Drum Clinic – PASIC Columbus Ohio”

  1. samtheashton says:

    5:21 is that groove they (including Steve Gadd) did on that King of Drummers video.

  2. chrisgr00ver says:

    1/4 = 25%
    4/4 = 100%

  3. 420drummerguy says:

    Maybe I’m stupid, but what’s the difference between 1/4 and 4/4?

  4. chrisgr00ver says:

    i want to be 1/4 as good as steve

  5. YashDrums says:

    Needs more cowbell.

  6. lemecdupc says:

    so groooove 🙂

  7. gurn58 says:

    That’s because you either aren’t appreciating, or aware of the groove and the technique.

  8. Luc Lacelle says:

    This is what I call being in a transe 😛

  9. aroutioun1 says:


  10. ascetic43 says:

    That’s on you. 🙂

  11. bourgeoisbrats says:

    …the original “gospel” drummer1 lol

  12. Jim Crumb says:

    best thing is that huge sound he’s got

  13. SonorSonicFan says:

    Gadd is an amazing player, but I want to hear something new from him.

  14. oldrippy85 says:

    Boring to me

  15. firstmusic00 says:

    Steve’s sense of rhythm is truly scary and not of this world!

  16. firstmusic00 says:

    Damn…look at that crowd!

  17. theutd says:

    Steve, you still rule, an inspiring living legend

  18. veightengine says:

    He must be ANIMAL (From The Muppet Show) HA HA HA.