Stevie Wonder – Steve Gadd – Groovin’ as Hell

HQ link: Stevie Wonder backed up with Steve Gadd on drums. What a groove…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

metallica – Jason Newsted Bass Solo + Nothing Else Matters (Live in Cunning Stunts) FANTASTIC… Also There is the intro of the song Welcome Home of the Album Master of Puppets…. Jason the Best by xXxNewstedxXx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Stevie Wonder – Steve Gadd – Groovin’ as Hell”

  1. XxStrongDrums1996xX says:

    Dear “artists” of today’s music industry,

    Please leave the music to the musicians!

  2. Leonardo Alvarez says:

    Steve Gadd y Pino Palladino son una pared ! El groove es increíble! Estas cosas que escucho cada día me hacen amar mas la música!

  3. TheMrUkelele says:

    Look how much force he’s putting on that keyboard! And the stand doesn’t even budge! I need to get on of those 🙂

  4. Marty Philibert says:

    gag is god.

  5. Marty Philibert says:

    wow. that was amazing. nice to hear……

  6. thk0728 says:

    Stevie Gadd is MAGIC!

  7. StraightNoChaser86 says:

    Nice trolling

  8. handrickxx says:

    chissà se Steve Gadd ha accompagnato anche Paola e Chiara ..???’………

  9. jerrywitaj says:

    This guy can’t be serious.

  10. drJacoby90 says:

    hahaha xD
    dude, i love that comment 😀

  11. handrickxx says:

    are you the bigger stupid in the planet ??…Stevie Wonder is blind FROM BIRTH…!!!!!!!

  12. officefishwatch says:

    Just awesome !!

  13. TitaniumRooster says:

    Thumps up if you’re watching this in 2012!

  14. salvador75 says:

    How Stevie Wonder gets outfunked by Steve Gadd.

  15. baldana says:

    THE LEAD SINGER IS NOT JUST SOME GUY you MORON (YES I MEAN MORON) he is the great STEVIE go back to playing that game board..

  16. DaveKellan says:

    “Higher Ground.”

  17. fabriciusbjerre says:

    Higher Ground 🙂

  18. xMASSxDx187x says:

    THIS IS FUNKY! Whats the official song name cos Im tryna download the song not live version..???

  19. stratobagster says:


  20. lionelbishop says:

    U are kidding mate???

  21. stratobagster says:

    why does the lead singer guy wear those dark glasses indoors? who does he think he is? some kind of fancy pantsed gangster?

  22. AlmostEthical says:

    Wish the camera didn’t focus entirely on Stevie. Poor old Steve Gadd only got in right at the end 🙁

  23. LuucasL12 says:

    I miss Cliff and Jason, really 🙁

  24. shadowspike99 says:

    I was at the Motley Crue/Kiss tour and while Motley was up it was around %90 lighters and %10 mobile phones.

  25. Glittcomander123 says:

    sehr niccceeeeee

  26. metalskullking says:

    he needs to open his throat up some more. lol “so close no matter how fawwwwwwww. Couldnt be much more from the hawwwwwwwwt. Forever trust in who we awwwwww.” XD lmfao

  27. Omar Tarek Penagos Carrascal says:

    How i miss that kind of jams from Metallica live shows…man

  28. dmadelement says:


  29. saintpedr00 says:

    its just a thing jason made up im pretty sure

  30. robindahood100 says:

    it is based on ‘My Friend of Misery’

  31. creangaandrei says:

    what is the song at the begginning??

  32. gaston7997 says:

    Suena muy bien es increiblemente perfecto, maravilloso, hermoso…
    Ese sonido hace que mis oidos no quieran dejarlo de escuhar…
    Jason Newsted nos diste increibles momentos con Metallica solamente gracias!

  33. Roby MeLViN says:

    it also contains a riff from “My friend of Misery”