The Best Percussion Ever!

This is the best percussion I’ve ever seen.It plays its self!Don’t forget to rate and comment!
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19 Responses to “The Best Percussion Ever!”

  1. Heizungsrohre says:

    wow you re one of the fast ones huh`?

  2. MichiHarry1 says:

    really?!!! -.- i think everybody noticed that!

  3. martijn bomans says:


  4. MegaMorganfreeman says:

    lol at my dad thinking this was real..

  5. iamSwaggyTank says:

    @ttknmck yeah if only other people knew this trck is the best! Also! you can use this to get this in mp3 >>

  6. justin richard says:


  7. Rebeca Lopez says:


  8. Akoulino says:

    if he can make it in anim means hw can make it in real.. so this is 2 times epic!

  9. onika best says:

    I love it. As a percussionist i just appreciate sound on a wave hey..

  10. ExperAguiar says:

    i guess it was irony. Conchabamba is in Bolívia, not in Brasil.

  11. GoLDnTRiXX says:

    this is so cooooooooooooooooooo[…]ooooool=D

  12. S Dean says:

    while i whaching this my face was like this
    (0) (0)

  13. RandomDetritus says:


  14. Brandon Sperberg says:

    Actually it’s not.

  15. MrKirkemusic says:

    this takes a lot of balls.

  16. KegPatcha says:

    This was made in the University of Conchabamba, Brazil. 100% real.

  17. pichuleire138 says:



    !!stupid xD

  18. Corbitto512 says:

    it sounds awesome!!! who ever animated this has skill and what ever group played and recorded this has skill!!!!