The Dance of Eternity – Mike Portnoy (DRUMS ONLY) [HD]

This Dream Theater song has 104 time signature changes in under six minutes, using very unorthodox signatures such as 7/16 or 15/8. ENOUGH SAID!!!! :OOO Probably the hardest song of dream theater. (to perfom, to cover, etc).

We PWN the legendary pokemon kyurem !
Video Rating: 2 / 5

44 Responses to “The Dance of Eternity – Mike Portnoy (DRUMS ONLY) [HD]”

  1. sogandik says:

    why is his body and head no proportionate?

  2. Excipo says:

    How can one remember 6 minutes of unique drum-play, that’s that complicated?

  3. cameron sturt says:

    lol panic attack isnt hard nore is dance of eternity

  4. trixie benita says:

    cool ><

  5. JNSNEU says:

    Alot of drummers can play Dream theaters music but imagine just how hard it must be to write the drums for any DT song. Mike Portnoy is one of the most creative drummers out there. To make this short, Yes alot of people can play Dream theater songs on drums but just a few drummers out there could actully WRITE the drums.

  6. hosttds says:

    They all write together at the same time. They hold long jam sessions, pick and choose what they want to play, and create it together. It’s not one before the other.

  7. outlawairsoft1 says:

    this song is so cool

  8. Andy Robison says:

    This video helped me out so much in learning the song. The only part I struggle with is the fast rolls at 5:02. Grr!

  9. DT2BLZ says:

    So, you are saying that double bass drumming at 180+ bpm is more difficult than accenting double bass like mike portnoy? tell me more about your death metal impossible drumming. I know Portnoy is not the best double bass drummer but he is pretty good

  10. willbrown3232 says:

    If that’s true it’s because of the double kicks, in which case, try The Ancient Covenant by The Faceless.

    You’ll never complain about a Dream Theater song again.

  11. Tyrioso says:

    He kinda looks like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, if he had shorter hair and a shorter beard…

  12. antonio610 says:

    Careful, you might break your spine patting yourself in the back so hard.

  13. zombieman658 says:

    nope. for me, the hardest song is panic attack. (for me)

  14. Daxster1995 says:

    Well, no offense, but I don’t think it was funny.

  15. DssRafaleM01 says:

    Yeah, dude I know it. Just a joke

  16. Daxster1995 says:

    I think it’s Mike himself…

  17. MetallicaBassist123 says:

    Just so everyone knows, this is A SONG, right? A SONG,…holy crap…

  18. DssRafaleM01 says:

    The best cover of Youtube xD

  19. xTobyDx says:

    People who don’t like this normally think it’s too technical. They just can’t comprehend the technicality. Basically they like simple things.

  20. giselaespinoza26 says:

    What a stupe as

  21. LittleDeadHead says:

    You called that pokemon gay? wow… you’re one to take

  22. RazorDeadly says:

    Farting Sand!? 😆

  23. alex simburger says:

    i like you battling your funny

  24. harryb12993 says:

    wow. This guy sounds like 12 but does his own programming to make his own pokemon events.

  25. thelonegamer5656 says:

    funny but wtf dude you shuld catH it

  26. MrElvis96 says:

    The most un-Tyranitar voice imaginable.

  27. OmegaSuperBass says:

    Moons and Suns and sandy farts.

  28. WolfKin20 says:

    …he had it at red and he killed it…what an idiot

  29. Argentina246 says:

    “ Wow Your gay” really????

  30. WalterSchmidtIV says:

    kid ur not funny and u lost ur chance to get kyurem 

  31. LegendsFromPokemon says:

    Kid stop talking its annoying

  32. MrXxsnipesXx says:

    haha look at all those dislikes

  33. elzetapokemon says:

    hey kid you remeber to me when i was a child

  34. MsPandajadas says:

    *A Kyurem appears*Kyurem:Heh. Imma cheat you and your mew*hacks mew and mew has 1 hp and no stats* *after Kyurem murders mew and its owner.*

  35. CezarBighead says:

    On nuzlocke you no can capture Legendary!

  36. crabdroid100 says:

    nice vid

  37. Trixter0698 says:

    Why de F**k did ya kill Kyurem!