The Shadows Captain Haddock Is Missing

The Shadows Captain Haddock Is Missing

Clip 13 The Shadows Captain Haddock Is Missing Live At Empire,Liverpool,UK Hank B.Marvin Lead Bruce Welch Rythm Mark Griffith Bass Cliff Hall Keyboard Brian Bennet Drums

17 Responses to “The Shadows Captain Haddock Is Missing”

  1. MystikMan98 says:

    Why in The Shadows is not Americans? They would get Epilepsy from such small strings.

  2. bicot28 says:


  3. TheDownunderaussie says:

    One of the best bands that ever lived.

  4. crisp2882 says:

    Hi hope you are Ok.I been watching Brian again today on youtube.He is awesome.

  5. mercedesbenzC says:

    Agree, the drummer who is doing MELODY with his drums…

  6. zosofoofighters13 says:

    Dont get me wrong he is good but i like John Bonham better

  7. Jacques Lytka says:

    c’est un Génie

  8. Jacques Lytka says:

    ” captain Hadoock >>> oui

  9. Wayne Smith says:

    The Shadows certainly had some fine drummers over the centuries…

  10. VICTOR BALIT says:

    That was in 1989; now he’s much, much older!

  11. human20freedom says:

    i ve got the had….have you got the dock???? HAD-DOCK!

  12. Mafiawl says:

    All those lists that people compile yet how often do you see Brian on them? If he played for a heavy rock band or with Robbie Williams you would always read about him but because he plays for the Shadows he is assumed to be of little importance. I am a great fan of Rush (Neil Peart) and more recently Muse but have always had a soft side for the Shadows. Nobody is the greatest, well perhaps with the exception of Buddy Rich(who I saw a few times), yet Brian is certainly one of the best.

  13. RacManRhythm says:

    Brian is one of my main Influences in drumming the other from the say era is Bobby Elliott of The Hollies, forget your Ringo & Moon, Brian & Bobby were and still the best drummers out the 60s by far

  14. human20freedom says:

    i ntouvli evgale tsonts

  15. crisp2882 says:

    well said.i have met brian a few times and he is so nice and down to earth.he is a genious on the drums.

  16. anesthetize7 says:

    Gotta love the double bass part! : ) I was very impressed, never knew he was such a great drummer!

  17. paulwall1981 says:

    @crisp2882. WOW. Thanks for getting in touch with me dude. I live about half an hour away from where this gig was filmed. I been to the Empire many times and think it is a really nice setting for a band as cool as the Shadows to play in. Would you not agree? Keep in touch friend.