The Who Remember Keith Moon And His Drumming The Who remember Keith Moon and his drumming style.

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  1. vtmike13 says:


  2. vtmike13 says:

    Ehhh I’d rather watch and listen to Bonham in concert.

  3. ac1dP1nk says:

    grohl beat bonham at his own game…

  4. Mark Villuch says:

    1.) Pert
    2.) Moon
    3.) Bonham
    4.) doesn’t matter only top three are cool 🙂

  5. Moonies Madness says:

    No one can play this man. I loved John Bonham as much as Keith did, but his approach to playing the kit was completely different than any other drummer I have seen. His best years were up until the mid 70’s and he trashed his life, but drum playing was completely real and from the heart. I love those huge ass kits, too!

  6. Hum0ng0us says:

    1:40 Just so people who need to hear it again can find it more easily. ^_^

  7. authorityblues says:

    John was NOT obviously the more technical drummer. Just ask yourself this, could Bonham play what Moon did in “Behind Blue Eyes”? Bonham had swagger and might but to say hes better technically is a mistake

  8. authorityblues says:

    I know the exact feeling of hilarious joy that Roger feels for Moon’s fill at 2:07

  9. bwdrums1 says:

    In he footage of Keith playing @ 2:23, he was 31 years old and looks like he’s in his mid-40’s. The toll his vices took on him was amazing……

  10. mikeyamahard350lc says:

    keith moons mixture of surf and rock was simply the best but not only that he drum filled the whole the songs vocals, bass and guitar I rest my case

  11. ElizaMizaxoxo says:

    dum dum dum dum dum diddly um dum

  12. iTzATLclutch says:

    Keith Moon inspired me to pick up the drumsticks and go wild on the drumkit doing fills!

  13. Ratelzwatel says:

    Robert Wyatt. (Soft Machine) I think Wyatt does a great job in drumming over a recording of Syd Barrett’s guitar and vocals. (‘No Good Trying’, 1969) Those drums sound a bit like Moon’s all-over-the-place style.
    And what about Phil Collins, in ‘Apocalypse in 9/8’ of ‘Supper’s Ready’, by Peter Gabriel’s Genesis? (1972)

  14. Ratelzwatel says:

    Barrie James “B.J.” Wilson. (Procol Harum)

  15. mcul2112 says:

    totally. in awe and amused at the same time.

  16. presentationguru1 says:

    The obvious affection for Keith from Pete, Roger and John is so touching.

  17. GypsyGuyy420 says:

    That was cool

  18. PKFreakz says:

    I don’t really like him either. He was in The Rolling Stone list.

  19. PKFreakz says:

    Starr, Moon, Peart, Bonham and Grohl.
    Anything else?

  20. gizmo3523 says:

    I’ve never heard a drummer like Keith and probably never will. He was the soul and identity of the band and had a very distinct and unique style of playing. If he only knew how sadly he is missed, in music.

  21. alsaxe1 says:

    i agree.Pete sounds as if he is unimpressed w/keith. Though there were times when keith’s drumming was indeed horrid, for the most part he was brilliant. He was the only drummer that i’ve heard play w/the band that made the “wall of sound” that was the Who. Simon Phillips, though a great drummer in his own right, never sounded right for the Who, same w/kenney jones. The Who needed a bombastic type of drummer to compliment Pete and John’s playing..

  22. Toblat18 says:

    and a friend