X – Blue Blood Tour 爆発寸前GIG / BAKUHATSU SUNZEN GIG [Full]

Stay update with X JAPAN full-length videos playlist here www.youtube.com 爆発寸前GIG (VISUAL SHOCK Vol. 1) / The Verge of Explosion 1989.03.16 渋谷公会堂 / Shibuya Kohkaido Live 《SetList》 00:00 – Prologue World Anthem (SE) 01:49 – Blue Blood 05:55 – Sadistic Desire 09:05 – Easy Fight Rambling 12:44 – Week End 17:25 – Stab Me In The Back 21:45 – Piano solo 23:50 – Drum solo 27:54 – Guitar solo 31:42 – 紅 / Kurenai 37:03 – オルガスム / Orgasm 45:17 – I’ll Kill You 47:13 – 20th Century Boy 49:44 – X 57:49 – Unfinished (SE) 《LineUp》 Vocal : TOSHI Bass : TAIJI Guitar : PATA Guitar : HIDE Drums & Piano : YOSHIKI Official English site : www.xjapanmusic.com Official Japanese site : xjapanlive.com (C)1989 Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

here’s another great solo by prince’s drummer chris coleman. it’s 13min long and has got everything that makes chris stand out in the drumszene worldwide right now. enjoy this wonderful piece of music and stay tuned for more.

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  1. uguisuable says:


  2. hide647 says:



  3. AI AOKI says:


  4. 1983japan says:

    Summer sonic の映像だと音いいんだけどね

  5. DrummerAUT says:

    Hide 39:53 ;D

  6. VLDrums says:


  7. yoyoyota100 says:

    blue blood て新しいアルバムに英語バージョン入れればいいのに。

  8. hide647 says:

    vanishing loveのPVにこのライブ音源&映像が使われてたから。

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  10. CurtisXjapan says:

    hide solo is the best~@@

  11. odaxne says:

    Could you upload 1992.01.05,06 & 07(full) please? *-*

  12. 93cristhian says:

    Taiji 🙁

  13. hide647 says:

    何故vanishing loveが収録されてないのか分かった気がする

  14. NOISE iRain says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have subsribed.

  15. Ecromax says:

    Thanks guy ^^

  16. Ryuujin84 says:

    It’s a song called “Un-finished…” and is the last track of their first album Vanishing Vision

  17. Ecromax says:

    What is the song at the end after “X” ?

  18. CasperGgoodwood says:

    Nah dude Thomas Pridgen and Zach Hill

  19. dreamopeth says:

    Look at his right hand at 4.25 for a few seconds. WOW!!!

  20. CrC7 says:

    Thanks for the Luv bro… But I’m encouraging you personally; you CAN make it, jus stay focused man, be encouraged…Set a goal–Nailt it! From that ‘confidence’…(not arrogance), you can Nail all the rest of your Goals. #That was one of my Mental Approaches. 🙂

  21. paisteguy799 says:

    id throw in colaiuta weckl and bruner and novak 

  22. icedrummer4 says:

    I love it when he has those little burst of rhythm like at 5:10

  23. icedrummer4 says:

    Lol at 4:10 I actually thought I was playing two videos for a second then XD

  24. MrRedrocket42 says:

    So this is what really creates a tsunami…….. This isn’t drumming, it’s a force of freakin’ nature.

  25. Rafalova says:

    In addition to being perhaps THE BEST, he is also humble, and a great teacher!

  26. Benjamin Law says:

    Best fill ever at 3:55

  27. perceivemedia says:

    At 0:39 his 32nds are literally perfect. Machine-like evenness.

  28. GeorgeWattsTV says:

    fav drummer for a long time, everything he does blows me away!

  29. Pandanobear says:

    Chris and Jojo Mayer are the only people who can astonish me EVERY time a watch a new video of theirs.

  30. chupeteguaya says:

    It HAS to be that little collar.

  31. bubbasock says:

    some kind of tape. probably duct tape, folded in the middle to absorb some overtones

  32. KevinALIV says:

    what is that patch on his floor tom? anyone know?

  33. Modrums99 says:

    4:25 - 4:50 SICK!!!!!!!

  34. GoldeeneedloG says:

    Ok, then it’s all good.