Zildjian ZHT 16-Inch Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

Zildjian ZHT 16-Inch Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

Zildjian ZHT 16-Inch Medium Thin Crash Cymbal Rating:
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Product Description

Zildjian's 16-inch ZHT Series Crash is a strong, full-bodied crash cymbal with excellent projection qualities, boasting an explosive attack with smooth decay. Explosive attack with even decay. Click to enlarge. Fully lathed top and bottom with precision machine hammering and a traditional finish. Bold, bright and melodic sound from the ZHT bronze alloy. The Zildjian ZHT Series For their most advanced and musical Sheet Bronze cymbals, Zildjian started with the heart of the cymbal--the bronze alloy. By increasing the percentage of tin in the sheet alloy from 8% to 12%, they got significantly more balanced frequency response, lush overtones and a very attractive appearance. Ultra-modern crafting techniques, and extensive hammering have created a more musical sound than previously found in a Zildjian Sheet Bronze cymbal. ZHT is the only Zildjian Sheet Bronze series in a traditional finish, and features popular Zildjian Cast Bronze models. Alloy: Ultimate Sheet Bronze: 88% Copper, 12% Tin Hammering: Precision machine hammering. Lathing: Fully lathed top and bottom. Finish: All Traditionally finished. Only Zildjian Sheet Bronze Series with Traditional finish. Sound: Bold, bright and melodic sound. Our most musical Sheet Bronze Series. Zildjian Bronze Technology Zildjian Sheet Bronze Cymbals begin as pre-formed disks cut from metal with uniform thickness. Precision hammering and shaping pummels cymbal discs, loosening the alloy's molecular structure and freeing up its distinctive tone. Sheet Bronze cymbals have a very fast response with a quick decay, along with excellent durability and a consistent sound within each respective model. Affordably priced, Sheet Bronze cymbals make a great choice for beginners and pros alike. What's in the Box Zildjian 16-Inch ZHT Medium Thin Crash


  • Strong, full-bodies Crash with excellent projection qualities. An explosive attack with even decay.